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C-130 crashes near Savannah

A C-130 Hercules military transport plane crashed near an airport in Savannah on Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration said. ( Ещё...

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Travis Mauldin 3
Dang! that's horrible. Prayers to all involved.
thetrain 2
CNN reported the plane had just completed routine maintenance in GA.

Video sure looked like a stall.
Torsten Hoff 3
The flight was also supposed to be the aircraft’s last, it was on its way to Arizona for decommissioning. Very sad.
allench1 1
I agree except that the video shows that the plane appeared to be in a shallow left bank from the start ever increasing into a full stall thus plenty of time to correct but did not, leaves me to the possible link of a control issue sense it had Just had maintenance done!
Torsten Hoff 3
There is surveillance camera video from a business in the area that captured the final moments before the crash. The C-130 just rolled onto its side and nosedived. My best guess is asymmetric lift (flaps, either deployment or failure after deployment), something that couldn't be overcome with ailerons.
scott ebrite 1
Consider the possibility of a prop pitch control problem. I e left side prop went flat or reversed, and would not feather, that would cause severe control issues.
Bernie20910 1
WC-130 weather reconnaissance plane. Thoughts and prayers for the families affected.
matt jensen 0
Sr MSgt Parsons interview plainly says that.


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