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British Airways Is Introducing Seats That Don’t Recline

It has been amazing to see British Airways’ transformation over the past few years, as they’ve gone from being a relatively full service airline to an almost ultra low cost carrier. While they still offer different types of experiences depending on the cabin you’re traveling in, they’ve added more seats to planes, have eliminated free food & drinks in shorthaul economy, etc. ( Ещё...

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markellis55 8
Yup reclining seats in cattle class are definitely antisocial i.e. have impact on the folks behind. I try not to recline my seat during waking hours and wait for the lights to go down in the cabin as a cue for rest, but only after Iv checked behind. I’ve witnessed a number of people have unpleasant flights due to bad tempers bought on by reclining seat forays. For a little mutual respect for fellow inhabitants cattle class is survivable !
Geoff Lane 2
Totally agree, I seldom recline but have often been behind someone with no thought for anyone else.
C S 4
Actually, given they are doing this on short-haul flights, this is good news. Reclining seats in cattle class are a nuisance, given the legroom (read - lack thereof). And seriously: flying for an hour or two in Europe isn't much different than taking the Tube (London Underground to the uninitiated) to some end of the line. It's transport, no more, no less.
rob jones 2
seats that don't decline is a consequence of reduced space between seats. Although airlines have a legal requirement to provide severely disabled seats with legroom there is no legislation to suggest that the average passenger can legally complain unless on the grounds of safety.It seems that all across the world airlines should agree minimum seat dimensions in the industry and address the all up weight and fat issue.

I was warned by a recent incident when an airliner whilst taxing was evacuated. the evacuation saw passengers injured as a result of restricted cabin layout, not the event itself.

Things need to change across the industry to publish and improve evacuation times before many people are killed.
Albert Trayner 2
As prices fall so does the service. I doubt any airline is able to offer an enjoyable flight, as the return on assets is the objective. Long haul still seems to offer a friendly level of service and comfort, but here too erosion is taking place. The CEO, CFO, COO plus the rest of the Board need to raise their bonuses and extortionate remuneration packages from somewhere!
Paul Smith 2
Over half a million passengers who’s flights were cancelled due to pilot shortages at Ryan Air would probably disagree with you
Dirk van Eijk 2
Yes, good idea! I just had a 12-hour flight. My seat was damaged and I could not recline the chair, no problem! However the lady in front of me could recline it and she did... I was not able to leave the seat! No room enough between her seat and my neighbour passenger... in case of an emergency, yes I can imagine people will be wounded. It is a safety concern!
Geoff Lane 1
Should have got some form of compensation for that.12 hours locked in by a front recliner, ridiculous.
Rosemary May 2
I am sad that BA is getting worse and the avios points can not be used when you want them and prices are higher now but less comfort is given.Many airlines are now much better and long haul flights that I always did with BA I am now choosing other airlines.
BA will soon be another Ryan air service Pity
Mike Monk 3
As an Executive Club member for a very long time I stopped flying BA by choice long ago (if my clients buy me a BA seat I will reluctantly fly with the airline but generally I do have some input in what airline they choose) these changes which make customer comfort less enjoyable just make the airline even less attractive.
barrie irvine 2
I think that the name "British Airways" is slowly being ruined and some thought should be given to removing the name. They certainly do not represent the "British" way.
stardog01 2
I wish U.S. carriers would change to seats that don't recline. Anytime a seat is reclined it reduces the knee room and space available for the rearward passenger and gives it to the forward passenger. Why should the passenger behind the reclining seat suffer a loss of space?
Torsten Hoff 2
Does that mean that you never recline your seat so you don't inconvenience the person sitting behind you? That's commendable!
stardog01 1
Yes, that is totally correct. The only times I have reclined is on the few international flights I have taken when we had Delta's Economy Comfort seats with additional space behind the seat. I did recline those a bit.
Cansojr 1
Gladly to bring you greater discomfort. This must be the secret mantra in Operations. Once they have your money they couldn't give a rats rear about passenger comfort.
greg presley 1
I miss the 80's and the 90's so much. Every time I read an article like this or I visit Gatwick or I am forced to go through Luton or Stansted.
rob jones 1
There is no current legislation except for severely disabled to provide larger gaps between the seats on aircraft.Clearly there may be an issue about safety. A recent event at Cairo airport demonstrated that operators are blocking up aisle space with extra seats at the expense of safety. Authorities across the world need to set minimum seat sizes and legroom to maintain safety on aircraft.The EU has been very bad at introducing minimum carriage requirements for the severely disabled and emergency evacuation within the EU aviation sector.New enforcement must take place in 2018 even if it means 20 pounds on a seat.
Henry Stevens 1
6 to 8 Atlantic return flights each year I’m looking for a better deal. Seats horrible in economy And now they charge for them. Ugh
rob jones 1
charge for what in economey ?
Alex Green 1
Sorry - that should have read " We are NOT talking about long haul here.
Dave Goldthorp 1
I flew short haul BA for the first time in 10 years last year, and was surprised to find my Club class seat was just a standard seat with the middle seat blocked by a table. Do any other airlines do this as I have never seen it anywhere else? Also, transmitting through Heathrow for the first time in 10 years after a 787 flight from Melborune, hopefully it will be another 10 years before I go back.
Highflyer1950 1
Just have the FAA mandate a minimum seat pitch which will reduce the pax count, the airlines will charge more for less customers carried, everyone wins. Besides it might help weed out the self entitled, el cheapo pax and return some normality/civility to air travel!
Mike Monk 2
I couldn't agree more! I have often thought that the price of 1st class and business class tickets should be reduced and economy tickets increased.
Quality of service (and clientele) might then improve.
Ethan Fortier 1
But what would they justify a new regulation like that with? It has to be a safety or security issue, they can't justify it with "improve passenger comfort."
Colin Bowles 1
Highflyer1950 1
Maybe change the type certification FAR’s to limit the amount of seats in a particular model. Comfort could, become a safety issue, especially on long haul flights.
pat prendergast 0
Nothing new about this, back in the late nineties I flew BA business every week and the only difference in the seating was they moved the curtain and closed off the middle seat, but the business class return fare to Barcelona from London was £600+ and much the same to other European destinations, No Easyjet or Ryanair from Heathrow then or now, I finished with 200000 air miles and have only ever been able to spend half them on Car Hire no flight!
Still, we have Ryanair a great airline great prices, who needs BA?
Alex Green 0
I can't see any reason to worry about this. Budget airlines have led the race to the bottom in terms of anything except price and it is natural that BA has to trim its costs and increase its seating per plane. Who needs to recline a seat on short haul. We are talking about long-haul here. I find people are convinced that planes are sleeping cars instead of a mode of transport to take you hundreds of miles very quickly and cheaply. Modern trains are following the same pattern with seats that are thinner, more upright and more per carriage. Its a fact of business life and nothing to do with BA individually worsening their service. BA staff are still the best for common courtesies and helpfulness.


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