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MH17 families voice concerns over new discovery of remains

Relatives of those killed in the MH17 air disaster have called for greater respect for victims' remains fearing some may be "playing a game" after a new discovery of bones. Freelance journalist Patrick Lancaster revealed in a YouTube video on December 11 that he had found 52 bones and remains on the site of the 2014 crash in eastern Ukraine. His video shows him apparently excavating the remains from the snow-covered crash site in rebel-held territory. ( Ещё...

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skippyroob744 4
I would be concerned deeply if any of my family members were killed to have there remains left behind where the aircraft came down so di respectful people are today Thwy wouldn't like it if it happened to there families they would be screaming ALLAH or some crap like that
stanbutler1971 10
If people respect others they would have collected the remains to give to the authorities instead of looting the crash site as they did when the aircraft plummeted to the ground after exploding in the air. They had taken wallets personal things real low lives to do that
Scott Wiggins 1


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