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Young Entrepreneur and Pilot Faces Decades in Prison for Insurance Fraud

Theodore Robert Wright III, a young serial entrepreneur and pilot who gained notoriety for chronicling his larger-than-life flying exploits in photos on Facebook and Instagram, now faces the prospect of spending much of the rest of his life in prison after federal law enforcement officials charged the 32-year-old with multiple counts of insurance fraud. Federal prosecutors allege that Wright, who was involved in a highly publicized ditching of his Beech Baron in the Gulf of Mexico in 2012, set… ( Ещё...

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Sam Johnson 20
He is NOT an entrepreneur, he is a crook.
Michael Lewis 8
I knew him! Not like just through social media, but direct contact with him back when I was brokering planes. I tried to put a couple deals together with him but didn't work out - however a number of other people I knew actually did. He seemed like a cool guy - real life James Bond type - never really knew or understood what he did HAHA! He was actually pretty prevalent on here, writing a number of posts, etc. He definitely always tried to buy heaps, bottom barrel as cheap as he could get anything, which would now make sense as he could then flip it through fraud and make a profit. Sucks but sometimes these "entrepreneur/philanthropist" types end up getting found out and bit in the ass! Money can't always buy brains, or flying or driving skill!
Scott Wiggins 8
"Facebook and Instagram personality." Show me a self-promoter and I'll show you a hack.

Jeff Spiker 5
From 30+ years in the insurance industry -- Good luck with that case. It's difficult to actually get an indictment, nearly impossible to get a conviction. They are way less than halfway there. Makes a nice story though.
egnilk66 4
Oh the article. these guys were BRAZEN!!
Throw his sorry ass in jail.
James Carlson 3
It's good that he was caught and faces charges, but a shame that it's just insurance fraud.

There are a limited number of these older aircraft, and they last much longer than any one owner. Those of us lucky enough to own one owe a debt to the previous owners who kept up with maintenance, and to the community to keep them flying for the next lucky owner. We're all poorer when one is lost, even by accident. To lose one by intentional destruction is just criminal, and it's a shame that the only punishment he'll get from that is the loss of his good name.
John Strange 2
I'd want a LOT more than $85K for a stupid stunt that could easily end my life.
Jim DeTour 2
The name bozo fits the guys to think insurance companies don't keep records. No matter what insurance it has what is like stocks traded between companies accepting risks for the profits from people buying the insurance. Even Lloyd's of London has persons holding shares of the risk who don't take kindly to fraud. Hence somebody with money got scammed and abracadabra darn near life in prison.
John Shirley 2
For the entertainment factor -- and possibly the "Oh, so that's what you were plotting" factor -- have a look at the snapshots of his website:
Guy Foulkes 1
Sidney Smith 1
They always get greedy and think no one is watching them.
btweston -8
So he's qualified to be President.
AWAAlum -5
Why is this posted on FA? It isn't about planes at all. It's about a scam artist.
Davon Grant 6
Yea he crashed his plane to make it look like an accident


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