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Slots To Be Temporarily Required for Bizav at Toronto Pearson

Slots will temporarily be required for business and general aviation operators at Toronto Pearson International Airport due to an increase in overall aircraft operations combined with a runway rehabilitation project. Business and general aviation operators are required to book arrival and departure slots up to 48 hours before estimated time of departure (ETD) or arrival (ETA), according to the National Business Aviation Association. ( Ещё...

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Jeff Phipps 6
Or city council could get their collective asses out of their heads and allow small jets to fly into the island airport downtown.
djames225 1
It wasn't Toronto city council..Ottawa pulled the plug on a 3 party pact between it, Port of Toronto and Toronto City Hall, on allowance of runway extensions...that would allow jets to fly in and out..Porter already has a "conditional" purchase order with Bombardier for a number of C-Series jets.
bettiem 1
Is it true that the runway extensions aren't needed for bizjets in general; that it was a specific need for Porter's proposed scheduled use? If so, perhaps private/corporate jets could be allowed if the matter was reopened without the specific Porter requirement.
djames225 2
No..runway lengths of Toronto Island/Billy Bishop are too short..the longest is 3.926 feet, great for turboprops etc but no jets
canuck44 5
Maybe it is time to consider reopening Downsview to GA. Bombardier could rent out its use, run the FBO and enhance the bottom line on their stock.
djames225 2
They could retrofit 1 of the hangers for customs clearance and lounge/depart/arrival gate..depends on what the noise by-law now states for that area...YUL-YZD..nice
Highflyer1950 1
Just open up "H" taxiway for dep/arr daylight VFR min only.
canuck44 6
I thought you had to be a Hollywood actor to use taxiways in this fashion....LOL


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