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Pakistani passengers force women to change seats on domestic United Airlines flight

A woman on a United Airlines flight was allegedly made to move seats as two Pakistani men could not sit next to her. Mary Campos was boarding a flight from California to Houston when she said she was told her pre-booked seat had been changed. ( Ещё...

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canuck44 17
If United had had any common sense they should have offered the two monks with a seat at the after bulkhead or a comfortable spot out in the waiting area until seats open op on succeeding flight.

Under no circumstances should a female passenger of any ethnic origin be inconvenienced in any way by a couple of 7th century savages (strong term deliberate). These are not necessarily Muslim but can be others who think their beliefs overrule community standards.
jamesrae1950 9
If special needs can be met without inconvenience on a public conveyance, then no issue. When it does inconvenience others, take a hike!
joel wiley 7
I found this comment on another news post of the story. If true, had the agent been on this particular flight, there would not have been a story.

"As a United Agent, if presented with the request, I would not involved Ms Campos except to ask her to volunteer her seat. Even though seat assignments are never guaranteed, their request does not involve a disability or security (yet). Her simple 'no' is enough. Then I check if there is even one female crew member onboard. If so, I ask the gentlemen a very specific question - "Are you willing to listen to and comply with instruction and from any of our crew members, even female?" If yes, then I might solicit for 2 people to trade their seats. If not, I would inform the gentlemen that they have willingly admitted to being a threat to the safety and security of everyone else on the flight and this would require a rebooking to an all male-staffed flight or at the least, to another flight where they would purchase all the seats in a row so they can control the seatmate situation."

Another commenter from Sri Lanka related this type of accommodation is normal in Sri Lanka.

On a US domestic flight, I think US customs and laws should prevail.
patrick baker 5
we as assimilated americans- folks who know and live happily with numerous nationalites and religions , should never bend over to this kind of medieval coercion,.. If these two morons were not satisfied with the seating arrangements, then send them off the plane and let them try the next flight, or the one after that, or the one the next day. Shame on United airlines for this bad behavior.
ToddBaldwin3 5
I consider myself to be a pretty tolerant person. I've lived in too many foreign countries to be very parochial, but in this case, I think I have to agree with most commenters that this was an unreasonable accommodation to the men's wishes. Just as we are expected to respect their customs when in their country, they should be expected to respect our customs.
Scott Campbell 3
America means Freedom - time to evolve sir
Scott Campbell 5
Pete - this is what you said,(see below) so your not very committed to the friend only use of Peter
Secondly - while it is true that 90 year olds can pass the an Airman's Physical.
But the question is when do you know it's time to give up your certificate ?
Out of respect of others safety too , not just your own. That's why I have a group of young pilots flying with older pilots for free, who only want the hours in return.
Keeps you safely in the air with a back up and no need to pass the medical.

You may in fact need something like this when you write into a public forum also,
like a girl Friday or something to help you with your writing. It's 2016
Pete and NO ONE IS CALLING Black people COLORED anymore. You've continually made statements that most here cant believe, first when you ranted on and on about who or what a flyer is, your living in the past SIR ! I don't believe your flying, and at the least not sanely at this point. Please find a new hobby with some of your peers. Thank-you

"Mr. Campbell. First of all, my first name is reserved for my friends. This is my last response to you until you start addressing me correctly. My last name is "SIR" middle name is "HARTMANN"...and my first name is 'MISTER". Work on that.

Secondly, we have folks in our Lake organization who are still passing their flight physicals in their 90's.

In my own case, I am still pretty "fast on the draw", and my CWP does not forbid "hollow points" in my personal side-arm. So unless some young jealous husband is CONSIDERABLY faster than me "on the draw".....the answer is...."NOPE" "
jwmson 6
The is horrible. United shoould have removed the Pakistanis from the flight and refunded their fare. This is the United States not Pakistan!
Calvin Chan 1
u r not respecting other religion beliefs U R HORRRIBLE
Her civil rights trump their religious beliefs.
If these two "immigrants" can't sit next to a women, maybe they should crawl back in to what ever crap hole they left, to come to the Western World. If it have been me, there would have been an "issue".
linbb 5
And to think that race and gender didn't happen in this case with no protests is terrible as it is a true case of one.

For much less there are riots and killings but not here they should have been put off of the plane.

She should not have been discriminated against as if they cant put up with our system then leave the country. And by the way those who choose not to honor our flag at events
please leave on the next flight, boat or ever what please.
Lee Smith 2
Someone namely, the UA agent in charge should have flipped out a map of the UNITES STATES of AMERICA and pointed out to the men(bullies). You are flying in the AIRSPACE of the UNITED STATES, so your religious laws mean NOTHING HERE, Either sit down or get off our American FLAG CARRIER JET.
Michael Sheridan 2
Why should she even be asked to change? Cancel and refund their ticket. If they don't like our role of women, go back to Pakistan.
I doubt they were from Pakistan, as they were dressed like Hindu sadhus, holy men. They are a common sight in India and in the final stage before Nirvana (union with the God Vishnu). They should have known better than to ask the lady to move. They are harmless and far from worldliness. Give-um a break.
canuck44 7
None care what they think, innocent or otherwise. The fault here lies with the airline which permits this. Whether Muslim, Ultra-Orthodox Jews or some kind of monk from Mars, those demanding special consideration outside of our culture need to be the ones inconvenienced, not an American citizen male or female.
Roy Hunte 1
Well said, its the airline's lack of ingenuity in a tough situation.
joel wiley 1
At inception, the ADS 'reasonable accommodation' stressed 'reasonable'. It seems to have shifted to 'accommodation'.
"Be reasonable, accommodate me or I'll sue" seems to be the going rate.
joel wiley 1
[that is ADA as in Americans with Disabilities Act]
mark gerrard 2
Just more racist reporting from the Sun
mark gerrard 1
Are any of you Native Americans? Didn't think so, so you're all descendants of immigrants and as is typical of a lot of people these days seem to forget that in your racist rants. What if there were 2 Native American guys that refused to sit next to you and insisted on you being moved? You'd sue the airline and make sure the media knew about it. Have some respect for other people.
Signed an immigrant
Bernie20910 2
Actually, I am Native American, Blackfeet tribe. What's your problem?
Scott Campbell 2
I'm sorry it's 2016! Time to ban Peter F. Hartman forever -
It's one thing after the other, and out of respect for everyone it's time Flightaware.

Can you imagine if the two were white guys and refused to sit next to a colored lady ?
Bernie20910 1
Someone evidently heard our pleas, finally. Let's hope the suspension is permanent and we do not have to be subjected to his BS anymore.
joel wiley 1
Suspended, not removed. I wonder what he said this time.
Last time it was quite brief - as in a couple hours.
Bernie20910 1
Seems to be lengthier this time.
Duane Mader 1
Some folks use the Bible to say that we should welcome immigrants. It's true that in Old Testament Israel, foreigners and "travelers" were to be treated well and not taken advantage of.
It's also true that immigrants were supposed to assimilate if they wished to remain in Israel, abiding by the laws and customs of the land.
I just saw a guideline for employers of immigrants to Idaho to remember that in some countries if you ask about a man's wife he may assault you and that time doesn't mean the same for them so don't expect punctuality.
We are becoming insane here.
andromeda07 1
This is not that uncommon:
ian mcdonell 1
tell them to piss off and walk
joel wiley 1
This may be the flight:
and another source from Orange County where SNA is located:

which contains an interesting Buddhist parable.
scott8733 0
joel- good call. If correct, then there's only 2-2 configuration in 1st class with 738. Why didn't these dopes- if so important to ensure not sitting next to a woman- didn't they just book a ticket at the front of the bus? LOL
Scott Campbell 1
way & Choose . yea proff reed no
Stephen Donnelly 1
United should have moved the two men.
Cade foster 1
Why is anyone getting upset? This administration has pounded into us that things like this appalling behavior are "politically correct" and should be accepted as not to offend any race of people. See what happens when you stick your head in the ground while Hollywood and this gov't have stripped your rights and values away from you....
Scott Campbell 0
At the worst ... if the flight was full they would've been given no choice but wait for the open middle seat on another flight, or God forbid pay for an upgrade to first - where there is 90 percent chance your not going to be served by a Man. This is a non issue if theses people wanna live this wat
and United had the ability to provide for them. 7th century savages? - well that's whats called freedom of religion - You can't have it your way, then insult those that don't subscribe to it, and believe people have the right to Freedom to believe what they chose.

"I may disagree with you, but I will defend you to the death your right to say it"
Calvin Chan 0
And again shows United Airlines' horrible service

[This poster has been suspended.]

Easy on the red neck stuff fella. We're some of the last remnants of common sense and and PuC (political uncorrectness)! Lol
Scott Campbell 6
you wouldn't have been in command Pete, you never would've passed had a the oral or psych interviews
Scott Campbell 2
Hey Peter are you too old to fly anymore?
ToddBaldwin3 2
Mr. Hartmann's clearance seems to have been cancelled.
joel wiley 1
Doris Lockness may be too old to fly at 106, but on her centennial she co-piloted a Robinson helo...

[This poster has been suspended.]

Jeremy Kudlick 6
Dude - that could seriously be considered a threat. I would think that a lawyer would know better. (I presume you are a lawyer, since few other people are so high-and-mighty as to use "Esq." to identify themselves in an online forum, and your condescending tone reminds me of a few lawyers I have the displeasure of knowing.)
mike SUT 3
Workers Compensation law....had to look it up....still trying to understand the "jealous husband" comment...does that have something to do with not having any problem with snaking another mans wife? Mike Sut Captain, LCDR USN (RET) Order of Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society, NRA, EM Society President, US Citizen, EX PAT(Great Britain). Thought "Pete" might feel at home with someone who has credentials after his name too. PS ..satisfied with my career and level of Education (MBA)...low opinion of people who have to post their titles and educational lineage on a forum like this. I'm sure their are people who range from plumbers to Brain Surgeons who don't feel it necessary to include their CVA in their posts...we're all intelligent in our own ways and don't feel the need to pass gas as much as he does. I'm fairly certain he puts his pants on one leg at a time.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 1
I'm not Mr. Language Person, that is Dave Barry. Understandably you have interpreted the word as used in your social milieu. The term historically has had a somewhat derogatory connotation which may explain your espoused umbrage. In the wider multi-culture of America it has more general neutral connotations, especially after being picked up by the surfer culture. I have no idea of which usage colored Mr. Kudlick's use of 'Dude'.
scott8733 -2
Mr. Hartmann - I have rarely, rarely agreed with most things you've opined on. In this case, however, I couldn't agree more. Had I been your F/O, I'd have happily escorted them to the general aviation zone, where they could charter their own jet free of women....


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