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Congressman Unveils Proposal for U.S. ATC Corporation

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) today unveiled his much anticipated FAA reauthorization proposal that would separate the nation’s air traffic control system into an independent organization paid for primarily through air carrier user fees and run by an 11-member board. ( Ещё...

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josh homer 9
Socialize the costs, privatize the profits. What a garbage bill.
Brent Neil 1
Nav canada has in several years since it took over written checks back to ans users as they are not allowed to make a profit. The cost to operate canada's ans is now 1/6th of what it was when the government was in charge of the system.
tedtimmons 9
Every other country that has privatized their ATC system has seen a reduction
in their already struggling general aviation sector because of increased costs.
The public does not benefit from this.
The only ones who benefit are the behind the scenes, already fat cats, that
see huge profits to be gained by owning a monopoly on an essential part of the
safest aviation system in the world.
As always this is about money and aviation safety shouldn't be in private hands.
linbb 4
This has been shown in the EU and other country's as a very bad idea. They also do not have the quality that the FAA provides. Just listen to them over there and look at how they handle AC that tells the tale.
Mike Dryden 7
Not for profit... right up until someone shows that it can make one, when it will then be sold.
linbb 2
Just like the control over some ports in the US by a foreign company who does not pay the same taxes as a US based one would.
Zachary Colescott 7
Federal not-for-profit company...oh, so like the Tennessee Valley Authority where the CEO recently was paid out millions of dollars? This structure doesn't make sense to me. Why fix what isn't broken?
zennermd 5
I wonder how they propose GA paid pay their "fair share?" We cannot land at an ATC airport unless we pay? Will we get charged every time we use flight following? Let's call it pay per vector.
Brent Neil 1
In canada ga pay per flight or a maximum fee whatever is lower. I do not however know what the cap is. This can be found on Nav Canada's website.
Brent Neil -4
If you read the article PART-91 operators (non commercial aircraft) are exempt from the fees.

The US should really look at what we have done in Canada with our ANS. Nav Canada is a shining example of what an ANS should be.
When flying from US to Canadian airspace the reduction of service quality is evident immediately. Then, after several weeks and months pass the invoices from various fiefdoms coming trickling in as a reminder of your long past journey. Not a model of service or efficiency!
Brent Neil 1
Service is worse because we have a much larger and much less densely populated country. We can't put in as many control towers and area control centers as close together most of our country is unused wilderness so of course the leek of service overall will be enter in the US.
Highflyer1950 1
No different then flying around the world. Invoices triickle in for months from every country you overfly to every airport you land at. There is no free lunch!
Chris Reece 5
How can you even compare Nav Canada with the US NAS? That's like comparing apples to watermelons...the FAA handles more than double the daily traffic that flies in Canadian airspace. There's no way Nav Canada could keep up with the demand, it's just too complex.
Brent Neil 1
Easily the benchmark for an ANS is how many losses of separation per 100000 flights. Although I do not know what the US numbers are nav canada has been number 1 in this benchmark for several years in a row at .75 losses of separation per 100000.
Highflyer1950 0
I think you miss the point! It is system that was being compared. Whether it be a small country or a large one, fifty thousand movements or five thousand movements, it's how the system operates that is important.
haroldrutila 3
What makes the Canadian system so great?
Highflyer1950 -2
haroldrutila 4
Right, so does the U.S. NAS right now. That's where this argument totally fails.
Brent Neil 1
No one has said the US nasty does not work but it is much more expensive then it has to be. The Canadian systems is also more fair in charges. Because only users pay if you don't fly you don't pay not even in taxes collected by the government.
ATCguy1 1
Nav Canada is a shining example of what an ANS should be...

That's hilarious.
Brent Neil 1
3 iata eagle awards for best ans in the world no other ans has won three. Add to that the fact that nav canada is only 20 years old and that achievement is evenot more impressive. I'm not saying canada is better our ans suits our needs as does the US nas I'm only indicating that you can do the same or better for cheaper when implemented well.
jmilleratp 4
Yeah, it's just another "representative" of ours trying to get profits for his campaign contributors by, of course, getting us taxpayers to funnel our hard-earned money to them.
Jeremy Kudlick 4
I'm interested in reading the bill in full, but it's over 270 pages of legalese. It will take some time to interpret it into human language. ;)
usad 1
Pelosi says you need to pass it so you can see what's in it! :)
Brian James 2
I agree - privatizing ATC is a great way to reduce the quality of the service as well as put it at the whims of a corporation and stockholders. It's the whole 'smaller government' thing, but obviously its a push for that without a consideration of the consequences.
Brent Neil 1
Do it like nav canada there are no stock holders it is not a publicly traded company. By law profit has to e returned to the user's and accounting is not done by nav canada itself.
paul trubits 2
Wow! All of a sudden everyone is a socialist.
Mike Dryden 1
N5827P 1
What a great idea. First ATC is controlled by the airlines and pilots unions. A small minority of the board represents GA. Next while the exempt GA from fees initially, you can see it coming when the funds don't exceed expenses. Then there is always the small issue that everyone already pays for ATC through fuel taxes. Nothing like double dipping. Brilliant!
usad 1
The IRS has been getting away with double dipping for years! LOL
Brent Neil 1
Atc is not funded by any government taxes on anything in canada. It is a user pay system based on chargeable weight units.
usad 0
Great. Another Amtrak in the air.


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