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Allegiant's Pilot's Union Public Letter

I've never flown Allegiant since I hold it in the same regard as Spirit but I do understand why so many people are attracted to ultra low cost carriers. I know Wall Street raves about both them and Spirit since they are all about share holder value. ( Ещё...

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Brian Bishop 2
I read the whole letter. Typical Union crap.
Brian Bishop 1
I fly them all the time because of the cost and schedule out of GSP/AVL. I talk to their pilots regularly and nobody I've talked to seems to have a huge problem. There are delays occasionally because some of their MD's are old, but no worse than AWE or anybody else, and they always get me where I need to go. They are replacing a lot of the MD's with A320's which are pretty nice. I've not had a delay in any of the A320 trips so far.
magnetoz 1
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Allegiant Pilots' Union Scares Passengers To Get Higher Pay

Just a day after being sued by the Las Vegas-based airline over an illegal strike, Teamsters Local 1224, which represents Allegiant's pilots and currently in negotiations with the airline for a new contract, has published a letter to passengers warning them about "persistent mechanical problems."
linbb 0
Just like the railroad engineers, if you don't like the job quit and find another since you think you are worth more than they pay. And by the way, Joe pilot since you took the job knowing the pay why the big crybaby attitude? Just my thoughts on working as I opted for a different job with higher pay that I was able to get with my qualifications.


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