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Restoring This WWII B-29 Bomber Has Taken 300K Hours So Far

This summer, if the dreams of a nonprofit group in Wichita, Kansas, come true, two World War II-­era B­-29 Superfortress bombers will fly together for the first time in a half ­century. Doc, originally one of a squadron of eight airplanes named for Snow White and the seven dwarfs, will finally take off and join Fifi, which has been flying since 1974. It’s an unlikely event that almost didn’t happen—two relics, loud and slow, each of them powered by four big finicky radial engines, restored and… ( Ещё...

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Mark Thomas 4
Wishing them every possible success for this mission!
zennermd 3
Can't wait to see her at Oshkosh this year! Fifi and Doc together will be an amazing sight.
J L 1
Excellent 😃
Good luck!
Mark Lansdell 1
I never dreamed we'd ever see more than one in the air. I equate this old war bird to the Winchester rifle, the gun that won the West.


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