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So Long AirTran Airways

Four years after Southwest purchased the airline, the final flight will land in Tampa and AirTran goes away. ( Ещё...

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Wally Piper 1
Ironic that the move that put AIRTRAN on the business travel map, business class, will be gone now. I'm a very frequent business traveler (70-100 segments/year) and was, for a long time a very loyal elite ff at Airtran. No business traveler I know flies WN willingly. Sometimes their schedule/route combination makes it almost mandatory but their pricing for business travel isn't really any better than the main line carriers. I rarely book travel more than a week in advance. Business just doesn't work that way. I've gone back to DL now (platinum medallion) where I can pick my seat in advance, get business class seats and service, and fly with other experienced travelers to instead of the students and once a year families that seem to fill WN's preboard corrals. It was a sad day for KATL based travelers when the buyout was announced.


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