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F-22 Night Aerial Refueling during Islamic State Operations

An F-22 Raptor receives fuel from a KC-10 Extender over the U.S. Central Command area of operations, while supporting air strikes in Syria, Sept. 27, 2014. ( Ещё...

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Scott Breuer 3
Nice find. Thanks for sharing
Eric Werner 3
Larry Bowdish 2
That was really cool. I liked the light on top of the fuselage, and the light at the end of the boom.
Dan Langille 2
Two things which I found interesting about this:

1 - the boom was kept to one side to get around the cockpit

2 - hearing the switch being thrown for the light at the end of the boom

I am not saying any of this is unusual. I, as a novice, enjoy learning about this stuff.
John Taylor 1
It's all about staying in precise formation so the boomer can "hook" you. The Navy, and most Europeans (NATO), use a "basket" (probe-and-drogue) system that is easily seen in front of the pilot. The Air Force uses a recepticle-door behind-the-pilot system that he can't see at all except w/his mirror. In day-VFR that's OK but but at night, or in weather, positioning your airplane precisely on the the "boomer's" director lights can sometimes be a challenge.
smoki 1
The smooth positioning of the airplane and holding it steady for the plug in is a testament to excellent piloting skill. Well done to that driver. Made it easy for the boomer.
John Taylor 1
The reverse of that is making it easier on the PILOT; and many boom operators havn't a clue! BUT in Vietnam when I was really hurting for gas and all shot-up? On more than one occasion, when I was all shakey, I had those guys reach way over; hook me; and hold on 'til I at least had min fuel to RTB Udorn. They broke all the rules....great guys!! Sorry they'll never see this!
John Jones 1
John Taylor 1
The real "fun" is doing it at night in the weather
jayemen 1


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