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Premature aging of 787's

Parts found on Indian 787's only a year old look like to have suffered premature 'ageing' as parts look like they have done 5-7 years. ( Ещё...

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rxcw43 2
This is a poorly written article. The description of the systems in question reveals the author has little to no technical knowledge of airplanes - which is required to describe complex ideas in layman's terms.

Andrew Bunker 2
That does alter the point he/she was putting across.
Ian Guy 1
Agree - I hope Air India pilots aren't operating the spoilers on the take off roll! I think the author is getting his spoilers and flaps confused.

I also wonder to what extent the article is a dig at China
steve kent 1
The article is so poorly written and obviously by someone who knows nothing about aircraft. The point of posting this was have they made up the whole thing? I think we would have heard more if true, so what was the point - interesting observation that it could be aimed at China who have just announced a step into aircraft manufacture recently.....


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