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Pointing lasers at aircraft may become felony in Arizona

The Arizona state legislature will consider making pointing a laser at an aircraft a felony. Representative Ethan Orr said the bill is written and he will file it before the legislative session, which starts January 13. ( Ещё...

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benin 4
Are we really this stupid? You'd think it's common sense to not point lasers at people, much less airplanes. It's a shame we need to make laws for things like this.
Robert Fleming 4
Honestly, I'm truly surprised that pointing a laser at aircraft hasn't already been made a felony-those lasers are BLINDING, and could prove FATAL!
Zachary Colescott 4
Why is it not already? Prosecute the hell out of these people!
Martin Haisman 2
joel wiley 2
The adage "you can't legislate common sense" doesn't work anymore.
The new one is "you can legislate common sense, but it doesn't do any good"
rj sullivan 1
Wait! I thought this was a crime on a federal level??? Did I fall asleep in safety and security training? One of these we are going to witness a very spectacular crash with many lives lost because of this dangerous stunt. It isn't funny.
benin 2
Unfortunately, your right, this issue won't be taken seriously on a large scale until something major happens.


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