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(Video) F18 catapult from carrier

Skip to 36s to see the takeoff video. Great shot from the pilot's perspective. ( Ещё...

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krebilly 3
That will never cease to give me chills. Cool video.
Paul Claxon 2
All I can say is......Go Navy !
sparkie624 2
Wow... What a ride.... And Hold On.
James Hazlewood 2
wow, awesome power, great video, thanks for sharing.
Ricky Scott 2
Gads why did the Shipping company that had my stuff lose all my Super 8s. I had a ton of Carrier cats and traps from my seats on the EA-3B.
Dmytri Eck 1
That was awesome! How about a video that shows their landing?
mick44 1
There is a really good one floating around You Tube from the right seat of an A6 intruder
Jessica Cushman 1
omg - i feel the need...the need for speed! this is THE COOLEST!
Belton Jennings 1
Factoid: I remember a briefing where we were told that a cat shot equated to us pulling 5-7 "transverse" G's (through the chest)for that couple of seconds it took to throw you off the pointy end.
Bourke Dowey 1
RayStratton 1
If that wasn't enough, when the pilot returns to his airport he will have to find out where it went. USAF airports stay put.
Rick Lawhon 1
What a rush! We could use a thrill ride like that at the state fair.
Ian Greig 1
Note where the pilot's hand is during launch: He doesn't touch the stick till he's off the deck. The launch crew don't want him touching anything until he's on his own!!
Michael Stokes 1
Impressive! Used to prep the pre-flight briefings on the USS Intrepid (CVS11). Never got to experience a cat or trap, but I did hitch a chopper ride once in an SH-3 on guard duty, so I've watched this from aloft. Always cool. I'm curious about the F18's altitude by the video's end. Any pilots here care to estimate his angels?
mark tufts 1
Nathan Pardo 0
Bourke Dowey 0


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