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Airplane Theft Foiled

Airplane thief foiled by high-tech anti-theft device (tie-down chain). ( Ещё...

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9760sts 9
Why in the hell would anyone steal a 152 ?
jeff reeder 1
Amen to that!

A 152 can't go very fast, it could barely scratch the paint off a building, and LA controllers are fantastic provided he could get off the ground...they would watch this little slow dot on the radar go where it wanted and vector planes around till he crashed or ran out of gas.
sparkie624 0
People steel for the high that gives them. I hope they caught the person attempting this.
BC Hadley 3
What a buzz-kill this must have been. The devil's in the details.
eagle5719 4
If they decided to steal my 172, I think they'd try somebody else's. I have padlocked chocks, a throttle lock and the battery goes home with me to be trickle charged for the next flight.
Douglas White 1
I hope you did a log book entry for that.
eagle5719 1
Douglas: Referring to removing the battery?
eagle5719 1
Douglas: You are correct. Checking on that, I found that a log book entry should be made each time the battery is removed. I thought you were saying that pulling the battery is not owner allowed. I will get my maintenance logbook out and make the entries. Thanks

John D.
Douglas White 2
Just trying to help. I have seen a lot of owners and or pilots do things without log entries and or w/b changes once you go down that path it can get out of control quickly.
rmchambers 3
I'm sure he was just doing a high power maintenance runup and didn't want to endanger any other planes if the brakes let go.
david laughlin 3
Matt Haines 5
Not a very good pre-flight check, probably should have gone by his pre-theft checklist beforehand. Compton.....figures.
sparkie624 4
He couldn't follow the check list... He has to learn to read first.
Why the figures comment about Compton???
Gary Cauley 5
So an entire community is labeled because of a percentage. Stereotyping shows the
f _ _ _ king ignorance that is so prevalent!!!
Douglas White 4
ouch! yes, the truth can be paniful.
tim mitchell 2
The story says that he a former flight student of the school where he tried to still the plane....well good job dummy you've just insured that you may never fly a real plane again and considering that you attempted to commit a federal crime a flight sim either considering that I know of no jails that have big dummy....oh yeah you are probably going to on the no fly-list now; hope you like Grayhound
john smith 2
Yikes, just imagine this clown flying through the class bravo pumped up on adrenaline after stealing a plane.
Ric Wernicke 2
At least in Compton they know to lock their plane to the ground.
Walt Morgan 1
I'm glad the authorities caught the guy.....he's not smart enogh to be a pilot!!
Arthur Baumanns 1
I am not surprise. Look at all the circumstances.
phil gibson 1
Ed Tuohy 1
Charles Shaw 1
At least he got to hear the roar of the mighty engine and he didn't kill anyone.
Chuck Shaw
eric cipcic 1
Enjoy your hangar flying in the prison yard!
Joseph Howes 0
what a numpty. how stupid can they get?
sparkie624 1
Don't Ask.... If you really want to know, go into Walmart at about 2AM in the morning.
david laughlin 3
how do you know. will you be there?
linbb -9
Sounds more like he was stupid enough not to take all of the tie downs off, its a tie down and unless it had a padlock on it the thing was not a anti theft device. But hey the person who put the story in here probably doesent even know what they are anyway.
Falconus 14
Or maybe the pilot who put the story here was being sarcastic. You never know.
Joseph Howes 3
sarcasticness is the easyest thing to detect, but then again it could just be me who thinks that


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