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Singapore Airlines finds cracks in wings of six A380s

Singapore Airlines said on Monday it had found examples of recently identified wing cracks in all six of the Airbus A380s on which it carried out mandatory inspections, as a senior pilot issued reassurance over the superjumbo's safety. The discovery of more instances of cracked wing components was expected after Airbus said last week it had found the problem and predicted that until it had time to conduct repairs, a consistent pattern would emerge in further tests. The European planemaker… ( Ещё...

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Ric Wernicke 8
I'll bet there won't be any cracks in the aluminum on the Dreamliner.
sparkie624 1
siriusloon 0
Right. Aluminum has never ever been found to have cracks in it.
Jayden Hakunti 7
Long live the Queen (747).
myron swanson 4
Troy Raiteri 0
I'll take an Boeing any day all day than get killed by a computer.
siriusloon 3
Good idea, there are no computers on Boeing aircraft.
microwalda 3
Yes, it's true, Boeing aircraft never crash.
microwalda -1
How many people have died in a Boeing aircraft??
Chris Donawho 2
However many people that were on the 737s in both Pittsburgh and Colorado Springs. Both of these were attributed to unintentional/uninitiated hardover rudder inputs, caused by lack of quality PCU or even a secondary PCU that other aircraft have. There are probably just as many smoking holes in the ground with Boeing's name on them as Airbus. This thought that Boeings carry a superior safety record is ridiculous at best.
Troy Raiteri 1
I think there were some in the American 737 crash down in Jamaica a few years ago but that was Pilot error and not aircraft error :)
Chris Donawho 0
I do like the A330s. IMO, probably the best "ramp appeal" out there, followed by 757s. Purely opinionated on my part. When comes to getting somewhere.... I'll fly whatever gets me there cheapest.
Parker Whitcomb 3
Well, its been a little over 4 years since the A380 entered service, perhaps some growing pains are beginning to show. I agree with the sentiment Jayden left, long live the Boeing 747, and for that matter, Boeing in general!
Marcus Pradel 2
Singapore Airlines' chief pilot for the A380, Captain Robert Ting, flew to Germany on Sunday in one of the six aircraft that had to be fixed as a result of mandatory inspections so far and sought to reassure future passengers over the aircraft's safety.
"I slept very well," he said, referring to his peace of mind during a rest period while a second crew flew the aircraft.

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Boatinman 1
Just because the pilot sleeps well doesn't mean the other brackets won't crack. I'm sure he wouldn't feel the same way if a substantial amount of those brackets were cracked.
erniekovacs 1
Did the captain flz-sleep on this aircraft for job security. How much
erniekovacs 1
Did the captain flz-sleep on this aircraft for job security. How much force was applied against his mind?
alistairm 1
For all you folks who think Boeing is God's gift to aviation:

Read it and weep!!!
al fredericks 1
HEY - AIRBUS - lets get cracking
Mike Collyer 1
Tensile stregth exceeded or early fatigue? Miscalculated dynamic or static tolerances? Ghosts of L-188, DH Comet,
Mike Collyer 1
Cracks = tensile strength limits exceeded. Fatigue or sudden fracture? Past ghosts of L-188 and DH Comet
phil gibson 1
fly American made Aircraft!! By Golly!!
If it ain't Boeing......I ain't going.
shawn white 1
I believe Boeing is safer and better. Any day I would chose a Boeing over an Airbus, but I would still take the cheapest flight regardless of the plane manufacturer.
Jayden Hakunti 1
Now I see why Boeing decided to take the penalties for a late plane with the 787. They'd rather it get it right the first time and not risk the reputation of one of their aircraft being recalled
alistairm 1
It just started flying commercially. Time will tell
Boeing all the way man. I'll never fly on any Airbus variant
siriusloon 2
Easy to say, not so easy to do unless you're prepared to pay a lot extra to fly the long way round to get somewhere
alistairm 1
Boeing 777-200LR can go just as far, if not further than an A380
Gene spanos 1
Why not farm these aircraft out to the 3rd world countries for maintenance.
Then we can all lean back and relax......
Pileits 1
Pretty funny INDEED. Where the maintenance people can't read a single word in the maintenance manual. But the lead mechanic can sure "pencil wipe" the maintenance logs!
So if there are 2000 l brackets and a few have cracks, won't the other 1997 follow? Especially if it was a manufacturing problem.
sparkie624 0
siriusloon 0
Since the "other 1997" have different purposes, different designs, and quite likely different alloys...what's your point?
siriusloon 0
Since the "other 1997" have different purposes, different designs, and quite possibly different alloys...what's your point?
My only point is that if a few have failed for whatever reason there might be others of the 2000 fail. I didn't see AB come out and say no others would fail. It would not be surprising as all manufacturers go into PR damage control mode and minimize problems. That's not just an AB phenom.


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