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How pilots wrestled in vain to save Air France jet

Some new info and transcripts from the doomed Air France jet. This article follows what the pilots said and were doing all the way down till impact. ( Ещё...

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preacher1 0
The last article on here about AF447 drew well over 200 comments. This thing is going to be batted around for years and it will be a second guess on somebody's part, at best. Just a couple of thoughts that seem to carry over from previous stories and also come out here. Those control sticks are independent of each other and the writer makes the comment in this article that they may have even contradicted each other, and the theme of the crew getting overwhelmed by all of the alarms, as well as one of them at least, thinking that he didn't have control of the Aircraft? It will all be interesting as to how it plays out.
dmanuel 0
Shouldn't they cross check the GPS, it gives altitude, trend and ground speed (sufficent to realize they were't going too fast)? "At one point they could not decide whether they were climbing or falling after flying for minutes through a wall of ice particles that blocked the aircraft speed sensors."
Anthony Palarchio 0
I don't believe airbus is to blame. The recordings indicate serious miscommunication in the flight deck. Perhaps Air France should make CRM a higher priority in their training.


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