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TSA Doubles Fines For Passengers Who Refuse To Wear Face Masks On Planes

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The fine for refusing to wear a mask on public transportation — including airplanes, trains, and buses – will double immediately, the TSA announced this week. The federal mask mandate, which was implemented on Feb. 2, remains in effect until Jan. 18, 2022. The new range of penalties, which take effect Friday, will be $500 to $1,000 for a first offense, and $1,000 to $3,000 for second offenders. ( Ещё...

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Kevin Holly 14
My god...the stupidity in the comments here is mind boggling.
Kevin Barbee 7
Absolutely mind boggling ~ after a year of seeing people die and not one lesson learned by posters.
s s -4
Says the person commenting here.
twschmidt4 5
I'd like to see a follow-up on these fines being assessed. Did people pay the full fine amount? Did people fight the fines in court? Etc. One fine was $17,000. Some would have to take a 2nd mortgage to pay such.
Torsten Hoff 16
The $17,000 fine I think you are referring to was the total assessed against two travelers in Canada. The passengers had tested positive for COVID and presented fraudulent and false documents regarding their health status.
jbermo 9
The FAA simply turns all fines over to the IRS for collection. The IRS always gets there man (and/or woman).
jbermo 5
Cleffer 9
Yeah, this forum needs an edit feature.
sharon bias 17
Me too. If the fine doesn't stop them, then being added to the no fly list may stop them.
Robert Cowling 5
I doubt it stops anyone. Researchers found out that even in death penalty states, it doesn't stop people from killing others. That's why murder is called a 'crime of passion'. A murderer is generally driven by emotion to kill their victim, either because of hate, envy, racism, sexism, religion, politics, Emotions.

Some people have such emotion tied up in the end of the victims lives they actually feel so relieved they spontaneously confess to their crime.

So people driven by emotion, or stupidity, will always break the law, and only after, might have some remorse that they are wasting their money, or life, for their lapse. I would fear for a way for people to control things with their mind. All hell would break out. Watch the awesome movie 'Forbidden Planet' which is loosely based on William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. The Id drives base human emotion. Some have less control over it than others. Maturity, or the lack of it, plays a huge role as well...
Patrick Wahle 7
At this moment who are the people who break the law. All the people who uses their “authority” to trample the Constitution, the Charter of Rights, The Human Rights, etc…NOBODY has the authority to break these constitutional laws, whatever the reasons.
Anyway al these dispositions start to show some cracks, either due to economic failure and demonstrations against vaccine passports. The US congress and senate disclosed that their members and staff were exempt of the vaccination. Also in certain s countries, police forces are also exempt of vaccination as well as professional athletes and members of the US Postal Services. This virus is so smart he knows how to stay away from “essentials” people.

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Robert Cowling 2
You are fighting for the right to die from a preventable illness. You are also fighting for the right to infect others at random.

People say they are fighting to defend the Constitution, but there is NO RIGHT to infect and infect fellow citizens. Sorry, you are NOT defending the Constitution, you are defending a political extremist group who has not only ignored the massive wake of death they have created, but openly urges more people to get infected, sick, and die.

It's a Death Cult. You forfeit your life to play in that group. No other time in this countries history have so many been so callous to the rampant death of so many American citizens. And they call themselves the 'party of life'. Orwell is laughing in his grave. Lewis Sinclair is curled into a fetal position. America is all but dead, and the idiots backing its end do not have a clue how bad it's going to get for them. Once the trump Dunce Mafia kills the country, they are going to be of little use...

It CAN happen here, and it did. America is on life support. Do NOT discount the damage and danger of letting it completely die...
Huck Finn -8
I agree with you Tommy! The TSA has gotten too big. Kind of reminds me of the SS.
Tim Danaher 1
Yeah they are nothing bot another problem on the flight line. On the cargo side we are dealing with everything including late freight and then these idiots are always trying to sneak on the planes. You get tired of them and you just want tell them "Go find a terrorist to play with, I have work to do!"

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Donald Schoengold 10
Anyone who fails or tries to fail wearing a mask on a plane should be banned from all airlines anywhere in the world forever.
Huck Finn 1
Why not make that the Universe dingy?
Ken Lane -9
I think sheep should be banned. You seem to qualify.
Donald Schoengold 0
I am going to bring my emotional support sheep on board and have it sit in the seat next to you. Enjoy.
Huck Finn -9
Gestapo line up here. You're at the head of the line Donnie!
Roy Dean 5

99% have no idea about the movement of air and virus
Ken Lane -2
You mean the cabin environment that turns over four to six times that of most commercial buildings, including hospitals? That air is as clean at altitude than you'll find in any hospital ward using a MERV 20 filter.
Torsten Hoff 1
That's the air coming into the cabin. It does nothing for what's being exhaled by the passengers in front of you.
Chris Quinn 10
If you are unwilling or unable to deal with the trivial inconvenience of wearing a mask in order to help protect other passengers and crew members from a virulent disease that has killed 670,000 of your fellow Americans, it's very simple: stay home. There is no "right" to commit negligent homicide. Period.
Ken Lane -9
It's not trivial. It's a joke. Masks DO NOT WORK! The Danish study proved this.

And, an airliner cabin could not be cleaner if you tried, particularly at altitude. Educate yourself.

Never mind the fact that number is as bogus as can be. The CDC has disputed its own numbers with its own statements.

And, when they cannot provide solid influenza numbers for the last twelve years, how is it we're supposed to believe these supposedly accurate numbers on the spot for this virus?

There is no right to force others to comply with your demands. If you're afraid, YOU stay home.
aurodoc 2
If masks don't work, how much influenza was there last year? Not a lot.
louie beard 2
You are absolutely out of your mind.
Barbara Fricks 2
You are correct that unless we ALL wear N95 type masks they apparently won't work to prevent the spread of covid, especially when in close quarters. What the other types of masks do prevent, is me sneezing or coughing on you. Perhaps if I did have covid, my "germs" would only reach seats near me instead of the whole plane... I don't know how far a sneeze or cough can be expelled through a cloth mask. Regardless, I appreciate the consideration for others by those who wear a mask. Consider how nudists bring a towel to a neighbors house so they don't leave "skid marks" on the couch. Just sayn'... Be considerate
wayne holder 1
🤣🤣🤣🤣 got me at skid marks
briandotcom -2
So what you are saying is when you sneeze or cough, you are too lazy to cover your mouth like our natural instincts tell us to do, with a solid protective cover such as your hand (as compared to a cloth that let's spittle through), AND you are going to wear that disgusting snot/saliva/germ filled mask for 1-15 hours until the plane lands and you leave the airport because you are so considerate? I don't think so.Consider that please. And yes, skid marks in the toilet are wrong- so flush twice if necessary.

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Paul Fagan 2
Will this affect airline ticket sales?
cutie18674 1
Sean75007 2
That’s great but they need to start supplying the folks to enforce this be able to issue a summons to the appropriate jurisdiction so that there is due process.a flight crew or any other employee of a private business have other duties they need to with out having to worry about being attacked for trying to make someone comply. What’s next get all the school crossing guards to stop the people speeding through a school zone
Tom Guerriero 1
Speeding cars stop at nothing. Zero enforcement zero consequences.
Huck Finn 4
Let's face it, you mask monkeys have latched onto a great way to control others and now that it's taken root you will stop at nothing to ensure the perpetuation of your sanctioning governmental control over each and every aspect of the lives of free citizens. Admit it you mask addicts, you hate other people's freedom. You are addicted to control of others!
Huck Finn 3
Next step is for the Stews to stand by the crapper and inspect passengers for hand washing after use.
wtwisniewski 5
I just want my rights to not be exposed to Covid.
briandotcom 3
It is sad that the elite have made a virus a political issue. Even worse that blind follow...
wayne holder 3
Your comment doesn't make sense...covid is everywhere and your exposed no matter where you go or what you do. Best bet is to wear a spacesuit not a mask. And yes everyone needs to show a little respect to each other
Ken Lane -9
You have that right... it's called staying home and being a hermit crab.

Emphasis on crab.
wtwisniewski 3
Put law abiding citizens in jail to liberate criminals?
Ken, that's your equivalent reasoning? How is it just for responsible, vaccinated, mask wearing citizens who are doing their best to protect you and others, to lose their rights just to liberate the anti-social, uncaring, narcissistic ones.
John Danish 2
....unless you are a democrat from Texas fleeing from your job om charter aircraft
Or not a democrat fleeing to Cancun...

Roy Dean 2
Comments illustrate a complete lack of knowledge of Physics

No cure
Larry Kreuger 1
Heard outside school board meeting:
Maskless Parent with unmasked child: We’ve got rights!
Masked Parent with masked child: We've got brains….
Tim Danaher 4
Do you actually have any kids that are trying to go to school through this mess? Simple question..
Dan Grelinger 0
Paul F Harris 0
if doubling fines don't work the use the big stick and start jailing these fools 12 months 1st offence 2 years 2nd offence and so on
Ken Lane -9
Were you born stupid or did it sneak up on you?

Ever read the Constitution?
Randy Marco -1
Obviously YOU don't understand the Constitution and NEVER will. You are part of the right-wing scourge of this country so STFU with your ignorance!

Under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 (the Commerce Clause), Congress has the power to prevent foreigners from bringing diseases to the United States. And the Public Health Service Act allows the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to “prevent the introduction, spread, transmission or spread of communicable diseases” from one state into another state. For 200 years, courts have agreed that Article 10 of the Constitution gives state governments primary authority to secure the health and safety of their inhabitants

In the 1905 case Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court upheld the right of states to require compulsory vaccination of all persons over 21 against smallpox, because such action “had a real and substantial relation to the protection of public health and safety.” In his decision for the majority, Justice John Marshall Harlan asserted that “liberty secured by the Constitution of the United States to every person within its jurisdiction does not impose an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint… there are manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subject for the common good.”

In the 1922 case Zucht v. King, the Court upheld a San Antonio, Texas, order excluding unvaccinated children from attending public or private schools. The city ordinance, the Court declared, is “consistent with the Fourteenth Amendment [guarantee of equal protection] … [and] a contrary contention presents no substantial constitutional question.” In the ensuing 100 years, the judiciary has continued to reaffirm Jacobson and Zucht.
Greg Dressel 1
Randy Marco has provided the best legal argument ever why State and Local Governments have the power to enforce vaccinations. Finally, a Constitutional argument is provided with supporting legal citations.
Brent Lee 1
Like people using public transportation have money to pay fines. I don’t need the airlines either.
Adam Roberts 1
Do people actually pay the fines? I mean, they are resistant to wearing masks… so are they just going to jump at the accountability of owing the TSA thousands of dollars?
Boy, I hope so! If the idiot class won't pay attention any other way, ......
Huck Finn -6
This comment represents WE THE SHEEPLE. ^^^^^^^^
Craig Good 1
Finally, the TSA does something that will actually make travel safer.
peter beckel 1
I thought all federal land was mask mandated? Why isn't the highway patrol pulling over all maskless people on our interstates?
Tim Danaher 0
Oh don't give them ideas, our idiot Gov made everyone go back to wearing masks vaxed or not. So they can take my booster and shove it up his ass!
Huck Finn 1
Too many donut shops in the way!
Brad Webster -6
Ask any Viral expert about masks and they will tell you they don't work.
Carlisle Landel 8
Actually, what they will tell you is that masks are not 100% effective in blocking virus transmission. This is entirely different from "[masks] don't work". Pilot training is not 100% effective in preventing pilot error as a cause of accidents. Does this mean that pilot training doesn't work? Should we just do away with training airline pilots?
(Ooo--*there* is a straight line for foreign operator jokes!<g>)
Dan Grelinger 3
Somethings not working very well at all! When fully vaccinated people are required, under penalty of $1000's of fines, to wear a mask, that would indicate vaccinations don't work. When masks are required, but people are forced to be vaccinated, that would indicate that masks don't work.
Carlisle Landel 6
Again, vaccinations, which are >95% effective at preventing serious disease and death, are indeed not 100% effective. (Not a surprise.) Masks also work (check out the peer-reviewed scientific literature here:; contact me off-line if you need some help understanding what you're reading). What we know is that there are occasional breakthrough infections that, while they are asymptomatic, nonetheless result in a viral load that renders the person infectious, and that masks reduce the probability of spread by that infectious person. So requiring immunization plus masks increases the safety factor.
You know--like having redundant systems in your aircraft?
Dan Grelinger 1
There is at least some misinformation in your post. Breakthrough infections are not generally asymptomatic. Numbers are reported for the hospitalization rates for vaccinated and unvaccinated, and the vaccinated numbers aren't zero. Why would someone who has COVID be hospitalized if they were asymptomatic?
Ken Lane -8
The Danish study proved masks are statistically irrelevant.
rbt schaffer 6
Wonder why doctors wear masks when they operate on you? They scrub their hands and wear latex gloves too
Mike Mohle 7
Huck Finn 5
It’s so they don’t spit saliva into their patient.
Randy Marco -2
s s -7
Shhhhhhh! There are people here who want to believe a piece of cloth with Mickey Mouse printed on it has magical properties to keep virus sized particles out!
Kevin Holly 6
You idiot. The mask isn't to protect's to contain your spit when you talk like moron
s s -1
Someone has a tummy ache over their little face mask. What's printed on yours? Baaaaaah?
Huck Finn -3

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Tim Danaher 1
I did NOT vote for this I was one of the 0 ,illion who voted the other way..
Robert Swackhamer 10
You are idiots for sticking your heads in the sand and refusing to address effectively a public health crisis. Masks aren’t the perfect solution but they are the most available reasonably effective solution. Love your children by enforcing mask discipline. Adults should set the example and not behave as their children.
Robert Swackhamer 7
Trump did not belong in office. He’s a narcissistic idiot.
Robert Swackhamer -1
And we voted for the right candidates with the right policies. You, Huck, are an idiot.
Tim Danaher -1
Why do you say that about Huck? Because he can clearly see Biden doe not belong in office? No you want to see the idiot look in the mirror, YOU, ROBERT are one of the ones to blame for this mess..
Huck Finn -3
Bobby, ya gotta resort to name calling dontcha? Name calling is the liberal way of argument. Admit it Bobby, you lack the necessary skills for argument.
Daniel Gless 1
You never saw trump speak? Ever? He made it a daily objective to insult or belittle someone.

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Rick Amerson -8
People are scared to death of this engineered virus and willing to do anything to mitigate the likelihood they will die. It has become extremely difficult to get accurate information because social media sites have blocked half of the discussion. Ironically things they blocked or closed accounts for saying six months ago are now considered truth. When people cannot discuss both sides of the issues, you end up with the disfunction we now see.

*Do masks work? The government says "yes" and others say "no."
*Do vaccines work? The government says "yes," but now they say only temporarily so you need a booster.
*Was the virus engineered? Six months ago your account was canceled for saying "yes." Now we find the government funded gain of function and it is likely engineered.

What's the truth? We cannot discuss it because one side is censored, making it hard (impossible?) to determine truth.

If masks don't work, why would the TSA require them with massive fines for not using them? Why would they endanger air travel by masking the unwilling causing air rage if masks don't work?

Just shut up and wear your mask. It doesn't matter if it works or not, just wear it. Even better, wear two or three. Otherwise you must pay a hefty fine or be banned from flying forever. The people scared to death will thank you.
Brad Webster -7
Seriously? Just shut up huh? Well you go ahead but I won't shut up about this travesty of our individual rights
Ken Lane -5
Masks do not work. The Danish study proved this.

And, I would suggest learning how the environmental system on an airliner works.
Kevin Edwards 0
"But what about the Danish study?!?!" "The Danish study proved masks don't work!!" GEESH. The anti-maskers have latched on to this study like flies to s**t. Fox News and NewsMax are quoting this study ad nauseam. It's obvious that this ONE STUDY is near and dear to those with predetermined, questionably diagnosed respiratory compromise. Yes, this ONE Danish study found no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those that did not.

As Ken Lane appears to be one who enjoys perusing scientific studies, I suggest that he mosey on over to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America. I know that's not in Denmark, but an organization in Uhmerka is probably just as acceptable to him.

The evidence review study has over 20 authors (MDs and PhDs) who reviewed over 140 studies. All are referenced, of course. Their findings clearly support wearing masks to decrease the spread of COVID. Please compare it to your cherished, single Danish study and let us know what you think. Yes. This will require you to utilize the higher parts of your brain. Tylenol may help with the inevitable pain you will experience.
Huck Finn 0
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^FAKE NEWS ALERT^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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China and Nazism are not, oh, never mind.
David Rice 4
You got it. Don't even try to explain it to "JJ and the knee slappers". You simply can't fix stupid.
Brian Seitz 0
Ken Lane -9
No, you cannot fix stupid. And, you have to be pretty dang stupid to think a piece of cloth is going to block a biohazard when your underwear and jeans won't block a fart.
John Schmidt -8
No, we still have the freedom to snuff out anyone's life with any gun we please. All we want is the freedom to spread infection (particularly in the closed environment. Not too much to ask, surely.
David Rice 4
We do? The laws against murder have been repealed? Wow, I've got my work cut out for me now! Let me lace up my boots...ha! /S
Mike Mohle 0
Yes, for Illegals (Kate Steinlie's murderer, et al.).
Tim Danaher 0
Oh me too!! Guess I better learn to Forge weapons because of the ammo shortage..LOL

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incadrv 1
Perhaps vaccinated people are simply shedding non-replication competent viral particles that make the PCR test positive. Just because their COVID test is positive, they aren't necessarily contagious.
wayne holder 1
The problem with that theory is if they tested positive(unless its a false positive) they were contagious already and potentially passed on the virus. Where's Julian Assange when we really need him. At some point the real truth will be exposed. Hopefully sooner than later!!!
incadrv 1
You're begging the question by assuming that a positive test equals being contagious because a positive test is what determines that you're contagious. That's circular reasoning. The PCR test amplifies the RNA in the viral particles regardless of whether they are infectious. They can be "dead" or neutralized particles, and the PCR test will still amplify and detect them.
Ken Lane -9
Ever read the Constitution? How about criminal laws?

If you're so afraid, keep your sorry ass at home.

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Huck Finn -4
It's all about control. Control people and require, mandate, coerce etc. them into compliance and more compliance will be administered against them until the people in the US don't have any say so in what they do, what they eat, where they drive, what they drive, who they associate with etc. It has always been about controlling the population. Have at it you Sheeple!
Ken Lane -8
More Biden anti-liberty insanity.

Masks DO NOT WORK. The Danish study proved this.
Ken Lane -3
You vote me down yet you cannot contradict my statement with fact.
Dave Missey -9
Mask's are useless unless you're working in a sawmill. Injection is also useless. Ya still can get it. Israel has 82% injected. And hospitals are full and people more sick than anywhere
Tim Grisson -7
This is absurd! Let people choose if they want to wear a mask or not . It should be a choice, not a mandate. We are in America! Freedom of choice! If you feel safe wearing a mask, by all means wear a mask. These people are overstepping their bounds. I’m not flying until I am able to get on a plane without a mask!
Huck Finn -3
Same here Tim. Those stinking planes can fly with the Sheeple but I ain't getting on a one.
Roy Dean -5
Everyone on a plane is breathing in and out

So the air you are breathing in and no one breathing the same air.....?
So if you wear a face mask or remove it...does it make any difference to the amount of air in your lungs
If you can breathe air...virus are a similar air travels through and around a face mask
If the face mask stopped you breathing you would choke to death
Its simple Physics

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wayne holder 1
HF maybe your looking at this the wrong way. I think you should go on the plane and just constantly fart the entire trip and say its because of the mask. Triggered an IBS episode. Not your fault for it?
Huck Finn -5
Herd immunity is the key to successfully ridding the problem of the Wuhu flu. It has always been the only solution to the problem. Immunization and masks are nothing more that theatre by people who parade around and say 'I care', 'I'm vaccinated', 'I'm a sheeple'.
Huck Finn -7
Next on the agenda, the TSA will require everyone to wear fresh underwear and clean socks.


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