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United Airlines is first major carrier to earn 'hospital-grade' cleanliness certification from industry group

There’s no such thing as "too clean" nowadays during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and United Airlines is leading the way by providing a hospital-grade standard of cleanliness and safety. The recognition, from the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and SimpliFlying, was announced Tuesday, with United receiving the highest certification of "Diamond" from the APEX Health Safety audit. ( Ещё...

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jmilleratp 2
Not even thinking of flying unless it's truly necessary. Otherwise, not until a month after I have had both COVID vaccine shots.
mbrews 2
- A bit puzzling. Not comforted by reports of super-cleaned surfaces, while Covid cases continue to spiral up.

During the December holidays, in-person gatherings in enclosed spaces ( like restaurants and movie theaters) were completely banned in many US states for 3 weeks. Aiming to reduce the spread of Covid.

The restaurant and movie closures WERE NOT for concern of table or chair contamination. Rather, the ban was because patrons LUNGS might be contaminated. And capable of spreading virus particles airborne in close quarters.

To some folks, a jam packed airline cabin exactly qualifies as "in-person gathering in an enclosed space" .


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