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New video shows that not one but two Iranian missiles has hit the Ukrainian Boeing 737

Security camera video shows for the first time that Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 was struck by two missiles fired from an Iranian military site about eight miles away, according to a report. The New York Times reported that it has verified the footage, which helps explain why the Boeing 737-800’s transponder stopped working seconds before it was struck by a second missile. (www.airlive.net) Ещё...

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Kobe Hunte 10
Lock em up. Totally barbarous and sad. RIP
Richard Orgill 4
Not surprising having fought in that region of the world for 4 years.
gary mitchell 6
Amazing, Iran admits to lieing. If only our MSM were as ethical.
AWAAlum 1
Well, I guess if you try very hard, you could conclude it was ethical to admit. But then again, when 176 people are shot out of the sky by your own missiles, and in clear view of, I don't know, millions?, it's a tad difficult to deny.
gary mitchell 0
Someone there has more integrity than our own media. I think that is enlightening to know.
AWAAlum 1
You are a more generous person than I.
Clarke Ramsey 3
WTF is going on with the world these days. We are all so troubled. Iran didn't lie. The plane had severe mechanical issues just after the fing SAM hit it!
Well, "some people did something", that is all.
Don Quixote 1
bdarnell 3
Most security cameras are fixed in place. Why does this one keep moving around ? Or, is it a video of a video ?
Bernie20910 6
It's cell phone video of video from a security camera being played back on a computer monitor. You can see the frame of the screen as the person filming moves the cell phone around. You can even see their reflection in the monitor screen.
bdarnell 1
That's kind of what I thought.
rapidwolve 1
I don't think it was a security camera at all, but after the first person was arrested, this person wants to remain a "secret", it seems.
Phil Howry 4
Does this tragedy qualify as an assassination, or merely murder of innocent lives? It's interesting the NYT chose to "verify the footage" in lieu of the usual knee-jerk posting of opinions, feelings and hearsay by so-called journalist and unnamed confidential sources.
scheffbd -4
I doubt you've actually read a single New York Times article in your life. Mainly just watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh, don't you?
Phil Howry 2
Your rebuttal reinforces the maxim; it's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers." Socrates
Ricky Scott 1
He Charlie Browned his attempt at an insult.
Greg S 2
It's important to be at least a little skeptical of the claims by the NYT that they authenticated this. All we know for certain from this video is that two missiles are launched and two detonated. We can't see what they were fired at, or what they hit, and we can't know when the video was taken.

I'm not saying to doubt the NYT claims. Just be a little bit skeptical. I remember when Dan Rather and CBS News said they authenticated the obvious fake letters from the Memogate scandal at that network.
rapidwolve 2
I have seen missiles attack unmanned "drone aircraft" and they usually cause it to become a fireball after the second hit. That plus the 2 missiles, that detonate, did so to the left, then a bit further right, which indicates whatever was hit was traveling left to right. Why is the aircraft fireball moving right to left? Be interesting to see an actual time stamp.
What I do know is we lost people we know on that flight, so they best come up with answers why, real fast, not this "oh we are sorry it was an accident" crap!
Bill Butler 1
I would think the first one missed. Because you see a missile explode in the middle of the night and no secondary explosion probably means it missed. Thus, the second launch. It probably missed a little closer, that's why it took longer for the shrapnel to take effect. And, it doesn't appear that the aircraft broke up. Been awhile since I've been there, but "that's my story...."
Kostiantyn Poliakov 1
Why is the date in the video October 17 *2019*???
rapidwolve 2
Something is fishy about the whole video..watch it carefully at the beginning with the 2 missiles, supposedly fired at the jet, yet object being fired at, moving left to right..no fireball and drop from sky 1 would expect after getting nailed by 2 SAM's.
Then about the 1:20 mark watch just to the left of the 1/2 way point on the screen..2 what look like explosions, but not from missiles, followed by a fireball...and where did the 2019 date stamp display go?
Laurie Scrivener 1
I saw in one report that they were using the Persian calendar.
Kostiantyn Poliakov 2
In Persian calendar 2020 = 1398, so it's definitely not related to calendars...
Here, check for yourself: https://calendar.zoznam.sk/persian_calendar-en.php
Fritz Steiner 1
Normally I'd give the NYT's verification of anything short schrift, but in this case they seem credible.

Wonder if they caught the crew at the SAM site yelling "Allahu Akbar!!"with their perfecta?
Swamped1 0
You bunch of digitally demented dummies. Look at the date in the upper right hand corner of the video. It's from 2019 !!!!!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

rapidwolve 9
Maybe you should fact check yourself before yakking. It was an international, not just the US, agreement that would limit Iran and their nuclear capability. NOW, however, they can build nuclear and no one is the wiser!
Kobe Hunte 5
@rapidwolve - Well said. Ignore the negative comments from people that are making stuff up as they type.
bentwing60 0
I tend to ignore stuff some folks type that someone else fabricated, so there is that.

You guys Ever look at right field from a batters box?
Don Quixote -7
"that would limit Iran" lol, you really don't know Iran then bucko. It's a good thing we got out of that ass backwards deal.
RECOR10 -8
In general, you seem to be a very intelligent person. Please, however, tell me that your account has not been hacked or you really that are dumb.

I can rest easy at night knowing that Iran can't do a thing without our nation knowing. Oh, oddly, I am close friends with one of the (former) hostages who were released when Reagan was heading into office....the reality and the "News" do not tend to meet at a common point.
chugheset 0
The irony is that if it was an American military plane their radar probably would not have seen it.
mark wilson 0
that video didn't act like a security camera...looks like it was being shot thru a window and the sound was someone breathing...the camera was not stable...just sayin'...
Serg Bl 0
What a stupid video. 2 rockets hit the plane at about the same altitude no explosion of the airplane full of fuel. So the airplane kept its altitude after being hit by a rocket and actually the second rocket hits it higher.


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