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Yet another Boeing plane has a problem

Boeing got another dose of bad news, as it announced Tuesday that its 777X plane, which is still under development, did not pass a safety test. (www.cnn.com) Ещё...

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houseofgold 4
Such drama, the “TEST” was a success in my book. Why does it have to be negative.
houseofgold 4
Center Of Gravity Concerns Lead To Lufthansa Pulling Last Economy Row On A320neo..........this......is a problem,
s20609 1
It looks like EASA is on the Stability Flight Control bandwagon. My observation is they are adding more automation and further minimizing pilots flying the plane.
racerxx 4
How many times are we going to post about this same story? But what can we expect from MH370
s20609 6
In the business of Structural Testing for certification exposing a problem during a test is considered a ‘Success’. The conditions for this test were Maximum Test Pressure above normal operating pressures plus Structural Wing Loads above normal operating loads flex the wing and fuselage to expose potential issues. The test was a success..... Oh, thanks for the irrelevant information about the 737 Max grounding.
Jim Myers -1
BOEING said the test was A FAILURE. I guess you know more than everyone at Boeing. I so loathe ignorant, self-appointed expert apologists such as your self!
s20609 1
For clarification, the ‘Test was a Success’ means an issue was revealed/ discovered/ found during the Certification Test Process. This permits corrective action or fixes to be implemented prior to delivery. It’s included in the Certification process. ‘Boeing Action Required’
Thanks for your Response ‘Quick Draw’ Jim.
linbb 1
Really? I guess that you are as correct as the idiot who wrote it. Did they really say that or that the door had failed for some reason? The test was for the wings.


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