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Drunken Ryanair passenger arrested at Shannon airport 'thought she was still in Spain'

“What makes this worse than a general public order offence is that this happened in the aircraft cabin and there is nowhere for people to go.” (www.thejournal.ie) Ещё...

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Frank Harvey 2
Excessive consumption of alcohol prior to, or during, a flight might be thought of as relatively harmless, however recognising that it is a choice made by the individual concerned, airlines and aviation authorities should give serious consideration to the possibility of an alcoholically incapacitated pax becoming a danger to themselves, or others, in the event of an emergency, especially one necessitating rapid evacuation and as a consequence it should lead to a decision whether to deny boarding or refuse continued inflight service to individuals who choose to so indulge.
ian mcdonell 0
Looks like Australia is not the only country with weak judiciary that are willing to let people off serious crimes because they have a sob story to tell. Should have got jail time.
George Cottay 1
"Judge King said that would give Ms Bradshaw the Probation Act if she paid €500 into the court Poor Box and said that she had escaped a conviction over her prior good behaviour and absence of any convictions."

I'm with Judge King, Ian. One's previous history should always count.
btweston -1


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