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Bird-hit Ural A321 lands in field after Zhukovsky take-off

Passengers have evacuated a Ural Airlines Airbus A321 which carried out an emergency landing in a field after a severe bird-strike on departure from Moscow. (www.flightglobal.com) Ещё...

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Torsten Hoff 3
Drone video of the crash site:


Good job by the crew in getting everyone on the ground safely. The airframe looks largely intact but is going to be a write-off.
Frank Harvey 1
Thanks Torsten, looks as if they kept the wings level most of the way and then the right wing dipped into the crops near to the end of the run.
airuphere 1

Video of on-board takeoff and crash. 1:11 can hear the engines being pushed as they fail.
Frank Harvey 1
They did a nice job getting it down, keeping the wheels up helps reduce the possibility of substantial chunks of metal debris entering the cabin or rupturing tanks. In a plowed field any spillage might soak into the ground rather than pooling as on hardstand.

The fuselage staying intact was fortunate and it looks like all slides deployed.

One report says they brought it down between the IM and OM; its lucky to have a convenient long empty field straight ahead to put it into. I presume you want to hold the nose up just sufficiently to get a mild enough tailstrike that does not affecting fuselage integrity, as long as you have the airspeed to give elevator control.

I wonder how many pax retrieved their possessions from the overheads before deplaning. If this was winter I would want to be wearing an overcoat and decent footwear in that area, even when the equipment reaches the site they may not have facilities to shelter a couple of hundred ill-clad people from the elements.

Viv Pike 1
william baker -2
This is the 2nd Accident for this aircraft. It maybe a good idea to scrap it now because a third time they may not be so lucky.
racerxx 2
You really think they would have considered trying to fix it at this point?
william baker 1
I didn’t see any photos and have no clue of the damage. Also think of Taca flight 110 were the 737 landed on the field near nasa. That plane went back to service.
Roger Anderson 2
TACA landed on its wheels in a pretty clear area which helped preserve a lot of the airframe. Doesn't appear to be the case here.
william baker 1
Like i said i didnt see any photos. Do you have any links to some??
Dubslow 1
avherald always has photos, and youtube links are all over this thread and another. was a gear up landing. definitely a total write off, the engines were entirely destroyed, and the fuselage is well beyond economic repair
william baker 2
linbb -9
Second Airbus to have it happen first in the river so probably need to ground all of them you know like the Boeing deal
Torsten Hoff 5
You know that label you like to throw around and apply to other people? You are one of those.
Falconus 4
You say it's like the Boeing deal, but I can't seem to remember this happening recently with any Boeings. But it definitely could, because unlike you, birds are not prejudiced to aircraft manufacturer (or engine manufacturer, since Boeing and Airbus use the same ones).

Actually, now that I think about it, there was that British Airways 777 where the engines quit due to design problems and it landed short of the runway at Heathrow... But it's not the same thing, because that was just the design of the aircraft, no birds needed.

[Before the comments start, I am a Boeing fan, but that doesn't mean that I pretend they have designed the perfect aircraft].


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