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The State & Promise of the Electric Airplane

The electric airplane industry truly is the final frontier. Hauling a battery pack in a car for propulsion is fairly easy compared to dragging one in the air. In this article is the state and promise of the electric airplane — the new wild frontier. ( Ещё...

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Martin Haisman 1
I wouldn't say the final frontier util battery ability is astronomically exponentially efficient. Remember the electric vehicles and aircraft charge off the power grid nuclear, coal and fossil fuel resources. Batteries are resource intensive in manufacturing and mid term when needing replacement not economical to recycle so are dumped. I applaud fully any technological achievement such as this and hope the future brings the super battery of the century.
linbb 0
No the promise to fleece the taxpayer for something that should be totally private. This will work about the time we have airplanes that take us to work, you know, flying cars.


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