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Boeing’s 737 MAX, and the fear of flying

Do you get on the plane, with your family? Do you trust it, now? ( Ещё...

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Roy Thomas 2
Why didn't they interview MAX pilots for this article? I am seeing evidence that MAX pilots are eager to get back in the air with the airplane.
Tim Dyck 0
A good article. I cannot understand why so many down votes for it.
linbb 0
Because there is no need as its a safe AC when flown by good pilots not some third world low time pilots who cant read and have the other fly for one case. And by the way Airbus has had its share of computer problems over the years that have killed more than the 737 did in those two crashes. And another item is the dumb shit who posted it he is nothing more than an anti Boeing troll.
linbb 1
Oh and another thing is we have a few posters like him who post nothing of value and many posts each day some quite often are dups of others. We now have another poster sparkle who knows little about AC and spams this with dumb posts. Too bad that some of the old posters are gone that posted quality items.
Tim Dyck 1
Soarkle has been here over 10 years. I had to change my account a few years ago and I remember him from way back. Maybe you shouldn’t be accusing people so freely?


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