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Mesa Airlines adding freighter for DHL service as cargo ambitions grow

Mesa wants to quadruple, at least, its new, small cargo fleet, do drone delivery and fly cargo internationally. ( Ещё...

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Eric Kulisch 2
Maybe that's one reason they couldn't get a U.S. domestic package network going, stuck with international only. But every driver is different. Maybe just got a few bad apples.
mbazell 1
Very interesting turn of events. Back in the late 80's I was flying for SKYWEST, a vigorously growing regional airline serving the western states. I had suggested to corporate that they get into the air cargo business to supplement the USPS, W-Net, UPS, FEDEX, and EMERY AIR with EMB-120 Brazilia freighter versions. After all, American and United got into the air cargo business back in the early 50's with the DC-6A freighter. It was quite successful at the time and added to their profit margin. Air cargo always makes good profit if it's done right.
James Cox 1
John Prukop 1
Larry Risley (RIP-2004) is probably turning in his grave at the incredible mess Mesa Air Group has made of his fledgling airline that was so successful in earlier times under code agreements with United Express and America West. The bean counters have almost destroyed Mesa.
linbb 0
DHL is one outfit I hope never handles any of my packages worse than fedex. Delvery people are rude at the best.


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