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United Air to Move Operations Staff to Suburb in Blow to Chicago

United Airlines Holdings Inc. plans to move the network operations center that coordinates its flights globally to a Chicago suburb next year, slashing headcount at the carrier’s world headquarters at Blackstone Inc.’s Willis Tower. he move was announced internally on Thursday and would affect about 900 employees such as managers and technical support staff, United said. About 400 flight dispatchers could eventually join them. The airline is in contract talks with their union, whose collective… ( Ещё...

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ADXbear 12
Good.. im sure my dispatch friends will love not commenting to that plaza.. a easier nicer drive...
Jim Nasby 4
Only if they live close to the new location. Getting downtown isn't great, but at least you can always take Metra. Commuting to a suburb on the other side of the Chicagoland area would completely SUCK.
David Wright 4
Let’s see. Elk Grove Village property has free parking and easy access and on scene security OR “valued” employees can commute to their 3rd shift after Metra is shut down for the day and the parking lot is not secured at 2am and having to pay for all of it (Metra, parking, etc) hmmmmmmmm which is better? 🤔
David Wright 14
OMG Seriously it was a horrible idea to move downtown in the first place. We ALL knew it because why should anyone pay for prime office space when you OWN the property in Elk Grove Village RENT FREE????? Duhhhhhhh.
It was the execs who thought is would be nice to have the Ivory Tower on Wacker and now the Willis/Sears tower…..such short sighted stupidity and waste!!! Plus every employee who works downtown had to commute now and the parking alone was horrendous!! At least they can correct their mistakes vice sticking to them! I’ll give them credit for that!
Marc Pagan 12
Work location is as much a quality of life issue as pay and benefits, and therefore, it's wise to negotiate when able.

Ask any commuter.
Regardless if they commute to a union or non-union job/career.
Juan Jimenez -8
If you don't like the commute, you always have a choice of where to live.
Michael Cole 15
Easy for you to say. I’ve lived in Chicago for 30 years. Costs a fortune to live in a decent neighborhood in the city. Schools are garbage. Property taxes are through the roof. Sales tax is almost 11%. Crime is through the roof due to the no bail and prosecution attitude of the public officials. The City of Chicago is a dump.
Mike Mohle 2
Tim Danaher 13
The US Mint could not print enough money for me to EVER live in the city of Shitcago...
RECOR10 37
If they had ANY business sense, they would get the hell out of Illinois altogether (like the rest of us, who are educated and have to run a business).
ADXbear 15
Yea, come to Florida, lots of room at MCO..
RECOR10 -1

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Daniel Flaitz 16
Floridoans would approve you staying right where you are. Don't Illinois My Florida!
Daniel Flaitz 3
Floridians... Little keyboards!
Ron Streetenberger 2
Please DO NOT come to Texas. We have rattlesnakes and Scorpions and fire anta and..............
As someone from Illinois who moved to FL...don't worry, we are voting for the same team :-)
Tim Danaher 3
There are enough snowbirds trying to due that now..
Tom Bruce 1
my son moved from Calif to Idaho.. posted a sign in his front yard
"I'm Republican I'm Conservative, I'm religious, I support the 2nd amendment"
he was welcomed by all there
Michael Dendo 14
Why would any company negotiate with a Union as to what building or area of a town as to where employees would be located? This should have been a non-starter as a discussion point in the contract.
avionik99 10
"The airline is in contract talks with their union, whose collective bargaining agreement requires that they be based at Willis,"

What?? The unions can force a company to be based at a certain address? Thats just far too much power for any union to have! Just stick to pay, benefits and safety issues!!
Right on! Who gives a flying fig whether mere workers have a predictable commute or whether a location change affects the time and cost of getting to and from work. It's just a quality of life issue. None of the union's business.
Michael Dendo -5
Dumbest thing I have ever heard of or read except Allan Leedy's comments.
Ron Mancuso 4
Why don't they follow the lead of Hertz who moved to Estero, Florida. Employees that would transfer would receive an immediate raise with no state income tax, wonderful weather to commute, low crime rate and less expensive operating costs. I don't get how these corporate "gurus" think sometimes.
paul trubits 1
Sidney Smith 3
If you drive by CSX headquarters in Jacksonville, quietly late at night you can hear the echos of the champagne corks being popped when Oscar Munoz left.
David Wright 2
Ummmmm you DO KNOW he stepped down in the summer of 2020?
Huck Finn 4
Who wants to go to work in a city that tells the police to stand back and let the looters take it over?
Mike Mohle 4
Can't say looting anymore.... Have to say "Liberating Merchandise" or some other ridiculous made up word to please the Ds and their constituents.
Notice, they do not play that game in FL and most other states what have this thing about understanding the Constitution.
Juan Jimenez -7
Nobody is telling people to move to Texas.
Tim Danaher 8
Juan people in Texas want you to stay in IL..
Michael Cole 4
What is your issue? We see you are woke. You should be very proud. Some of us actually have the ability to think, unlike you.
Maybe they and the FAA controllers can just work from home now.
SkyAware123 1
I wouldn't want to be in the murder capitol/trash city either.
JJ Johnson -9
Democrat mismanaged and crime ridden once great American city full of Biden voters and street thugs
Don't blame them a bit
F. M. 1
The state of Illinois has some of the highest underfunded public employee pension plans in the entire United States, which is why the idea has been floated to eliminate all 401(k) and IRA plans and merge them with those same underfunded public employee pension plans which means the people who saw the light decades ago and bailed from "defined benefit" plans and went to "defined contribution" plans are going to get screwed.
KellyNYC 1
100% untrue, but thanks for playing.
Patrick Smith -1
There's no such thing "United Air."
Noel Kurth 19
Given the level of proofreading in journalism these days, we should probably just be grateful that they didn’t spell it “Untied”…
Robert Lewis 7
Yes, as in the Untied States of America, which we are rapidly approaching.
Juan Jimenez -5
Worse yet when people call the country "America" or people "American" when that refers to anywhere or anyone in North, Central and South America.
geddy whalen 2
Always one booger eater out there to point out these little things. I bet you're a prolific corrections agent on too arent ya?
Juan Jimenez -9
Still sore you had to repeat 5th grade?
geddy whalen 1
Gotcha, based on your previous posts, you're one of those too...wiping your snot on your shirt, pushing up your glasses and feverishly thunderstorming the keyboard with posts starting with "Actually..."

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Tom Noland 7
United lost 750 employees to the vaccine mandate out of a global workforce of 65,000. Therefore 750 people who weren't interested in passenger safety are no longer employed and the lives of 750 formerly furloughed employees were drastically improved - as was overall passenger safety. It's a win-win.
Juan Jimenez -6
You don't need a vaccine. YOU need an enema.

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Juan Jimenez -9
A guy with your IQ should have a low voice too!
Michael Cole 4
Coming from you, that’s a compliment.
Em Fairley 1
Your IQ is so low you can't tell the difference between a guy and a gal's name. Pipe down, pipsqueak!
Assigning a gender is hate speech. Where is my safe space? I need to cry....
Juan Jimenez -7
Still amazes me the airlines have private data centers. That's so 60's.


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