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AT&T and Verizon will delay 5G expansion over aircraft safety issues

You may have to wait a while to take advantage of C-band 5G's potentially higher speeds. The Wall Street Journal has learned that AT&T and Verizon are delaying their C-band rollouts by at least a month to help the Federal Aviation Administration address aircraft interference concerns. They had originally planned to use the newly available frequencies on December 5th, but AT&T said it was pushing its launch to January 5th after the Transportation Department requested a delay. Verizon… ( More...

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mbrews 6
Info from the longer article in Wall Street Journal Nov 4 =

The FAA had been expected to issue official mandates, known as airworthiness directives, that would restrict flights in U.S. airspace that require radio altimeters that measure the distance between aircraft and the ground.

“At this time, the FAA has no way of determining which airports or areas within the U.S. have or will have 5G base stations or other devices that could provide interference with airplane systems,” according to the FAA directive draft.

Comment : Canada got ahead of this issue a long time ago, and simply prohibits 5G C-band transmission towers in locations where they might interfere with aircraft navigation.
ADXbear 3
Unbelievable, No one saw this coming? Hundreds of millions and it interfers with aircraft navigation and people won't have 5g.. boo hoo.. maybe people should get their beeks out of the c phone more often... contrary to many.. there is life outside of social media..
bentwing60 4
Doesn't anyone remember Light Squared and their timely demise over broad global interference issues with GPS, GLONASS functionality? Unlike DC, MSM hubris and Jeremy's FED printing presses, the broadcast spectrum Is finite and occasionally the capitalists lose one.
linbb 3
Was wondering if anyone thought back about that dumb deal which would have required most GPS devices to be either modified or thrown into the trash. This looks like some one fumbled the foot ball again except its going into service now way too late and far down the road. Now about aircraft safety going forward and expecting every one useing radar altimeters to junk them virtually over night is a real dumb dea.
Torsten Hoff 3
Yup, safety should win out over convenience. Watching TikTok videos is not more important than landing aircraft safely.
Christian Parada 3
Japan is already getting 6G ready.
bbabis 3
More than likely the demise of the radar altimeter will be the final solution as this issue progresses. The thirst of hundreds of millions PED users for speed and bandwidth will win out. Aviation will need to find a new technology to replace the role of the radar altimeter where required. IR and VR driven by GPS and other sensors are improving to make almost every approach visual in the future.


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