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FAA Asks Airlines to 'Take More Action' in Curbing Unruly Passenger Incidents

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday urged representatives of major U.S. airlines to come up with ways they can do more to help stop the surge of reported "unruly" passenger incidents – and asked them to lay out those plans in a matter of days. ( Ещё...

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Roy Hunte 5
When they used duct tape the FAA complained, where are the FAA employed air marshals?

mary susan watkins 1
roy hunte..most people do not understand that there are NOT air marshalls every day on every airline on every flight..there are ususally 2 such people who remain anonymous except to the flight crew..they do not sit together nor communicate with passengers,and the flight deck crew and the flight attnedants are advised of where they are seated..the flights they are on are random,and you might be seated by an air marshall and not be aware of it..if the faa so chooses to "ramp up" the air marshall program and put them on every single flight in the air,the task would be almost impossible..the only alternative is to train flight crews with police tactical skills in addition to smiling,scarts,serving beverages (where allowed)and being the "smiling" face with a mask of an airline!!!
David Isaacs 1
Mary Susan, does this mean that some of the events that have taken place may have had a marshal present? If so, I guess they may have not wanted to reveal their situation. I have not seen any case where it was mentioned that an air marshal was present.
patrick baker 7
The FAA has passed the buck to the carriers. Once onboard, and aloft, what can the carrier do that particular flight? How about landing, ejecting the miscreant, and continuing the flight. Very few times will the crew max out on time doing this, if the procedure can be done very quickly. The FAA can help some by being the bully enforcer of fines and the courts can help with jail sentences. The companies can help by blackballing these rambunctious ones off future flights. Problem addressed.....
Cleffer 5
Include the costs of extra fuel, salaries of employees and grounds crew in the fine as well for having to land for their ignorant actions and let THAT hit the media.
Marty Martino 3
What happened to the Air Marshalls that were supposed to be onboard?
avionik99 6
Making all airports and aircraft Alcohol Free zones would go a long way to start!
Cleffer 1
Some people can handle and enjoy a drink while on vacation. I hate to think of being punished for the actions of a few idiots.
David Isaacs 0
It is sad that people can not have a meal or be on a plane without alcohol. There is a report out now that almost 20% of people are drinking too much alcohol. Drinking alcohol is not some "right"guaranteed by the Constitution. Too many incidents involve people who would not be legal to drive and there is too much harm that can be done by them.
Larry Toler 5
Big talk by the FAA while flight crew can't really do much. When I was a FA I did take coordination between the gate and my two pilots very seriously so stupid stuff doesn't happen. Once I close the cabin door I would have the occasional unruly passenger. We never had duct tape or 500 mile an hour tape aboard. I have been known to use my "drill instructor" voice. Loud enough to be heard in the flight deck. Other than that their is not much more to do legally we can do with unruly pax. Last time I went to recurrent CRM training I joked about knocking a possible hijacker (not going too far with an EMB145) with either a fire extinguisher or 02 bottle. The airline didn't want to get sued.

When I was in USAF tech school for Air Transportation Specialist we had a two week block dedicated for pax service. My whole enlistment I avoided pax service like the plague because cargo don't bitch. Years later I became a flight attendant as a joke after I got laid off from a job. I quickly realized passengers are my bread and butter and I love flying. I think what really needs to happen is from ticketing, gate agents, and crew is to show more empathy towards pax instead of looking down their noses as them being a nuisance. We are there for them.

I make fun of Walmart people too but if they have enough money to fly that's their right. I Crack jokes about it, but if I can make flying fun and interesting to other I feel I did a great job.
Larry Toler 2
Even after I was flying post 9/11 there were very few air marshalls.I flew for a regional airline so I don't know about the Legacy carriers. In my job we had to enforce the regs but not really enforce them. Its really a Catch 22. You don't want lose paying pax,, but I did have to ensure the safety of the rest of the pax. I'm not saying to kiss ass to all pax but without them airlines wouldn't thrive.


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