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The US Air Force's special operators are hustling to turn their biggest planes into flying boats

The prospect of a war in the Pacific has the US military thinking about how to spread out and conduct amphibious operations. Those challenges have renewed the US military's interest in an old concept: amphibious aircraft. US Air Force Special Operations Command now plans to rapidly develop an amphibious prototype of its workhorse plane, the MC-130J. Increasing tension with China has the US military looking for ways to spread out across the Pacific in order to counter Beijing's growing… ( Ещё...

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coinflyer 5
OMG—just bring back the Boeing 314 Clipper!
bentwing60 2
According to the 'supply chain', we ain't got the wood or the skills!
Underslung engines make this an interesting project.
bentwing60 7
The MIC never ceases to hustle when the narrative calls for another race to the bottom of credibility on their part and spending on ours!

IKE was Right!
jeff slack 3
yes sir, and you are spot on too.
paul tait 1
The Pacific is a big place. Maybe an ekranoplan would be perfect. Large cargo capacity, long range and definitely below radar


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