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Flight attendants take self-defense classes to handle unruly passengers as airplane cabins see more chaos

With pandemic stress frazzling the nerves of COVID anxious travelers, there is a renewed sense of importance among flight attendants to learn how to protect themselves. “It’s getting crazy out there lately. So it’s better to know what to do to defend ourselves against any sort of attacks,” one flight attendant told CBS News. ( More...

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KoolAid laced with knockout drops till the plane lands,let the son's sleep I g off,then arrest them
ADXbear 2
Real, publicized jail time might give pause to those thinking about a fight.
Matt Reardon -3
nothing new medically about this virus. But this has shown what cowardly sheep AMericans actually are. The masking mandate medically speaking is pure BS for the general public. The fact that the communist chinese endorse it is good reason for us to immediately reject it. Believe it or not much of what Public Health and therefore the government has foisted on us has come from taking councel of what the CHinese have advocate. The Scandanavians took a very different much less interventionist track that worked just as well or better but that went against the grain of what the US govern and politicians summarily decided initially and they of course have refuse and will NEVER admit that it was ineffectiv and that other options including letting it take its course (could we possibly have had any worse outcomes- i doubt it) should have been considered.
the self defense classes,as well as zip ties, were added to the flight attendant "kit bag of knowlege" a long time ago..most do not nor have not had to use that,until the covid flyers began to come onboard.. dont think the air marshall program is in full force again at this time either,so flight attendants need some type of refresher courses which include what is taught to police officers!
So it will become 'fight club'. Just give them all a taser and a syringe of Ketamine. People have said a straight jacket should be used on 'problem passengers', but you can't get a struggling person into one, unless you have some help (hence the ketamine). Firing a taser on a plane in close quarters could lead to collateral damage, but...
Bit Wonk 2
Yeah, I think passengers will be willing to lend a hand. Good point about straightjackets. Ductape seems better in a lot of ways.
sparkie624 4
Only thing some of these unruly people understand is Brute Force... A Few Missing Teeth and Broken Ribs may wake up some of these morons... No reason for these unruly actions... The new culture of flying is 100% unacceptable... We have a Dump Valve for Pressurization, A Dump Valve for the Lav, We need a Dump Valve for UnRuly Passengers.
Matt Reardon 1
read my comment above brutal doctor !
Covid doesn't help with unruly passengers but the airlines are to blame as well,it's a two way street. Delayed flights,change fees,on and on. It's a vicious circle
Matt Reardon -3
Its the arogant fascism of the FAA, And as i wrote elsewhere:
Last nite read a summary of a preposterous yet pathetic study of sorts by Univ of Ottowa engineering professors using plastic mannequins to prove that we need to wear masks. I wont enumerate the litany of absolutely ridiculous aspects to it. But lets put it this way, even more so than the US the Canadian govern has taken the position that everyone needs to wear masks and the UNiv of Ottowa is part and parcel of the government, those researchers are totally dependent on govern funding and research largesse for their salaries and their tenure. The logical fall out from this is self evident. The clinical medical facts are that the vast majority of the general public and even a larger fraction than that (believe it or not but laughably true very very close to 100%) of the traveling public DO NOT have the virus and could NOT POSSIBLY transmit it hence masking just like the vaccine it is for the vast majority is and will be of no benefit. Public transportation in general has been shown not to convey any elevated risk of covid transmission, but that was already known and what the vast majority of us frequent travelers have personally experience. Where is transmission occurring - you guessed it , by far and away within families and among close friends getting together to share good times. The problem is the FAA having no business what so ever promulgating medical decisions for the traveling public at all much less forcing medical decisions on the public in general has NO BASIS for this requirement other than bureaucratic CYA and conceding to irrational fear and their inherent fascist intent. THis is an organization that is for recommending aviation rules , for it to be in the business of forcing medical treatments on the traveling public is outrageous, inappropriate and totally out of their lane but that not the least of it because what the are forcing on us is also clinically speaking unnecessary, ineffective, wrong and UNJUST. What would be just and proper- well how about pulling some common sense out of the trash can - every traveler can assess their own risk and if not sure call an MD and discuss it to see what would be appropriate for themselves, their prior illness history, their level of concern or fear. HOw about we go back to basics to take medicine back to the individual. Public Health and the politicians have as shamefully as shamelessly taken us down the road to a topsy turvy world of insanity where nothing works but lies deceptions and inverted truths.
The over-riding responsibility of the FAA is the safety of passengers and crews in aircraft operations. To suggest the FAA is a fascist organization is to suggest it has a political agenda. If you are going to make that statement, please provide some proof to this allegation. Here again you say write "I wont enumerate the litany of absolutely ridiculous aspects", regarding the Ottowa study, because there are none, save for your personal opinion. The mask requirement is not mandate by the FAA alone. It reflects a much larger effort to mitigate the spread of Covid by the Federal Government. All of us can discuss the virtue of mask wearing, but if this simple instruction can save one life during this pandemic I sure many people will agree it was worth this minimal effort. After all, that one person saved might be one of your loved-ones. Please consider instead of being an angry Trump minion, that perhaps you should direct your energies by becoming a productive, contributive member of society.
There is no University of Ottowa.


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