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U.S. FAA to require strengthening key part on Boeing 777 (Pratt & Whitney) engine

From the recent United event; cowling modifications. May 12 (Reuters) - The head of the Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday the agency is going to mandate strengthening a key engine part on Boeing 777 planes with Pratt & Whitney (PW) engines like the one involved in an emergency landing in February. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson told a U.S. House committee that the agency is "requiring the manufacturers to address strengthen(ing) the cowling." ( Ещё...

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jptq63 7
Wonder how long these remain in operation vs. retiring; i.e. cost trade offs.
Dan Chiasson 4
Good question only to be answered by the anticipated cost to strengthen the cowling.
Sean Whitehurst 4
I am pretty sure the nacelle is not a PW part, but rather a Boeing part. I saw some previous articles stemming from another PW4000 incident that had identified shortfalls in the inlet cowl design and it being a Boeing part.
Rene Kunz 2
Band-Aid approach instead of addressing the fand blade (fatigue?) failure, the root cause of the injury.
user3956 2
You do have a point there. I mentioned this to a former aircraft mechanic and he said the blades had flown off into the fuselage well before recent years but that in those cases they didn't cause "incidents". So basically, it was known that blades could fly off and impact the aircraft, but nothing was done until it was a publicity issue. Tell that to the woman that was partially sucked out of the plane.
Rene Kunz 1
My apologies for the fan blade typo.
Bill Butler 2
Well, that's my immediate question: why am I strengthening the cowling, when the blades are gonna come apart? Shouldn't I be doing something to the blades?
jptq63 1
I previously comment about the cost trade-offs, but forgot to wonder / ask, who (Boeing, P&W, or airline / operator, or owner / leasor) pays for any changes?
Dan Chiasson 3
In the long run, it is the passenger.
George Wilhelmsen 0
This is the usual Boeing bashing headline.
It would be better and more accurately stated as US FAA to require strengthening of key Pratt & Whitney engine part used on Boeing 777.

This is media bias, and it's disappointing.


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