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Leaded gas was phased out 25 years ago. Why are these planes still using toxic fuel?

Piston-engine aircraft remain the single largest source of highly toxic airborne lead. ( Ещё...

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linbb 4
There is so much pollution in CA around major cities traffic is bumper to bumper and this idiot is complaining about piston engine aircraft? Give me a break have been there in SJ several times and the amount of piston engine planes is almost none existent. Go blame it on many other things around there that cause it. What is he trying for free money? Flew in the B29 four years ago out of Modesto and the grey/black haze was terrible by 11AM.
Anthony Dennis 4
hmm The guy is 42 years old - the airport has been there longer than he has been on this earth, but its not fair he has to move. California causes me to have nightmares about everything they do and how they are affecting the business climate and their stupid laws. I think California should move - as far west as it takes, about half way to Hawaii would be acceptable.
Mike Mohle 2
Journalism is Dead! Typical general aviation article with little in the way of accuracy:

"Since World War II, piston engines have been widely used by pilot hobbyists, aviation students and government agencies because of their high-performing engines and reliability to stay aloft amid rapid changes in temperature, pressure and altitude (WHAT???). They also cost less at $400,000 to $500,000" (??? - Seems that the author failed to mention most GA airplanes are over 50 years old, and have values from several thousand $$, on up. Won't fit the agenda of the rest of the article, that the rich are evil and are oppressing the BIPOC and poor).

"But there are also many white-collar professionals, doctors, lawyers and software engineers who have registered piston-engine planes with the FAA. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, a general aviation professional organization ... reports on its website that its members are generally well-off, with an average net worth of $1.6 million and nearly half owning more than two homes."

The capper: “You have this luxury item that benefits the upper class and is potentially or is harming the minority lower-income population." At least they did not call pilots racist, yet. Of course the follow up article will the low % of minority pilots in the ranks.

Take the guns first, planes second..... They can use the argument of "Climate Change".

You didn't have to read that far. Even ignoring the ridiculous nonsense the article implies about human health... for example respiratory problems--they are not a symptom of lead exposure in adults or children. Antibiotics? The dude's problem wasn't the airport, it was his doctor.

Anyway, it's worse than that. The problems are basic and verifiable. Like, for example, the airport's zip code. The location, which is obviously the basis for the entire article, isn't even on the damn list! 200 California zip codes are worse!

How this crap can get by an editor I will never know. Editor, hell, an unpaid intern with an iphone could torpedo garbage like this in two minutes. I'm embarrassed for them.
Billy Koskie 0


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