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Fully vaccinated people can resume travel at low risk to themselves, new CDC guidance says

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday released a highly anticipated update to travel guidance for people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, eliminating some testing and quarantine recommendations. The CDC says that fully vaccinated people can travel at low risk to themselves ( Ещё...

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Mark Kortum 12
I am and have been flying nearly every week. Maybe I am lucky. Maybe I am careful. I don't know. Through the winter season when normally half the people on planes used to be caughing and hacking away that is no longer that case. I used to be stuck next to sick people all the time and often caught what they had. Not this year. Not even a sniffle. Sick people with any disease should not fly. Healthy people should.
Maybe you are lucky. Maybe you are careful. Or maybe you'll be sitting next to Mary Mallon on your next long haul flight.
Matt LaMay 11
What a disappointment. I can’t even visit FlightAware without it looking like a Twitter feed rife with political diatribes. Shame on all of you.
Brad Meiser 15
Omg this is an aviation news service. Take your politics and COVID opinions elsewhere.
Steven Bell -2
Then you make sure you tell Delta’s CEO to keep his nose out of Georgia’s politics. He has absolutely no business criticizing Georgia for cleaning up its voting laws.
Just in case you are a typical Democrat, and you say there are new law it’s racist, please take the time to explain in precise words, recently articulate, the facts that make it a racist law.
srobak 0
Now now, don't try going to confuse the issue with facts. That does not the social outrage narrative.
Steven Bell -3
Sorry, the Democrats have made everything about politics. The airlines, doctors, CDC, or to put it simply no one can give the clinical truth that mask work! No one can give clinical proof that the vaccine is going to work!
Danny Keel 1
Who made this political? Read your comment again.
I don't think the original post asked you to point fingers.
Shawn Jipp 8
Read the entire article: "Fully vaccinated people can travel at low risk to themselves, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Friday, but travel still isn't recommended at this time because of rising numbers of coronavirus cases."
Kathleen Gillis 3
Tell that to the full plane heading to Tampa the other day. People head to Florida for freedom and I don't blame them.
Chris Spores 8
You could have been traveling with little or no risk all along.

You’d think by now more could see through this.
Matt LaMay 7
People see exactly what they want to see and nothing more.
Low risk .... there is a much lower risk that your luggage will end up in the wrong airport! Low risk ..... DOES NOT MEAN NO RISK! I know I am preaching to the choir, but I wouldn't send my ex-wife on a plane at this time, and that says a lot!
alfred mebane 12
There will never be zero risk to life. There's a risk that every single plane will crash. There's a risk that your car will crash. You can spend your life sitting on the couch, but there's a risk that a meteor will crash through the roof and kill you. You're not preaching to the choir at all.

[This poster has been suspended.]

bbabis 14
Getting out of bed has risks. It's long past time to deal with it and get this country moving again. If anyone is waiting for NO RISK in anything, they will have a long long wait. Millions are walking north for months risking everything to hopefully live in America and yet Americans can't risk a couple of hours of air travel to visit family, friends, or conduct business? My suggestion is to turn your TV off and start living life again.
The reasoning that says do this or that because everything involves risk works just well for smoking crack, playing russian roulette, or answering "yes" to "do these pants make me look fat".

My suggestion is when you make suggestions, don't be a dick about it by implying someone who chooses to hold off on flying is sitting in front of the tv all day. Hard to believe, but their circumstances might not be exactly the same as yours.

And by the way, if you really think "Millions are walking north for months" then chances are you are the one watching too much tv. Or at least too much of the same network, anyway.
srobak 0
it says you are taking to kool aid intravenously
Ken Lane 2
How about just going back to normal. Let people travel at their own risk and without stupid masks that do not work.

If flight crews are afraid, go find a job at McDonald's.
Cindy Savage 2
I was in the Moderna phase 3 clinical trial. I got my shots in August and September. Since then, I have continued to commute from Colorado to Texas for my job as an ER MD, where I take care of Covid patients. I wear a mask. Masks have been clinically proven to reduce risk of transmission of Covid to another person by 46% and personal risk of acquiring Covid by 23%, source NEJM. We do not give anyone with Covid HCQ, no study has shown benefit and several have shown INCREASED mortality with HCQ use. We do use decadron and remdesivir and, at my hospital, I have ordered several infusions of bamlanivimab for high risk Covid patients. I have TWO coworkers that got Covid twice. In fact, studies are now showing that the risk of recurrent infection is as high as 10%. So, while I am happy the CDC is showing that airline travel is safer once you’ve been vaccinated, the truth is, airline travel during the pandemic is safer than going to a restaurant or a bar. Ppl get Covid by breathing in aerosolized particles. Between the mask and the frequent air exchanges, the airlines have done a good job mitigating risks associated with travel.
John Prukop 1
More CDC NONSENSE. It's NOT A VACCINE! Its mRNA loaded with DARPA's Hydrogel, Nanoparticles and Lucerfrase. WAKE-UP! Search out Dr. Carrie Madej, MD on BitChute and let her put it to you point blank. Or Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, MD, or Dr. Thomas A. Cowan, MD and others. Stop believing the media "lockstep" LIES.

For the week ending April 3rd, 2021 - the CDC VARES reports 2509 DEAD from the JAB and over 50,000 anaphylaxsis responses. WAKE-UP!
Jouko Rissanen -8
Faucci and CDC have political bias and have lost all credibility.. they have mesmerized the traveling public into making this a huge pandemic when Hydroxy, used early with Azithromycin and DexaMethasone with supplements takes card of it like a treatment for a flu.
Barry Borden 6
What a bunch of idiots that post here., This is real. Don't advertise your ignorance. 550,000 people dead, and many more long haulers.
srobak 5
yes, 550k dead... however - the #1 and #2 killers in this nation for the last few decades (heart disease and cancer, interchangeably) are at less then 60k deaths each for last year.

A net gain of almost half a million lives saved - when combined with the covid deaths. Who woulda guessed the cure for heart disease and cancer would be covid?
aspen avionics 3
What total BS. Check your facts buddy.

2020 Mortality in the USA:
Heart disease - 690k
Cancer - 599k
Covid - 345k

Excess mortality 2020 vs. 2019 - 504k

Data talks and BS walks.
srobak 4
sorry, but "" is not a credible source. Nice try, though.
What total BS.

2020 Mortality in the USA:
Heart disease - 690k
Cancer - 599k
Covid - 345k

Excess mortality 2020 vs. 2019 - 504k

Data talks and BS walks.

-There, I fixed it. Now his source is exactly and precisely as credible as yours, you hypocrite.
Matt LaMay 0
Please tell me this isn’t the true Aspen Avionics in Albuquerque.
Chris Spores 0
500,000. Reduce that by about 70% when you take in the fraudulent amplification of the PCR test which was used to bring those numbers up.
Steven Bell -8
You’re an idiot! If the vaccine works why does Fauci wear two masks after being vaccinated? Why has the CDC never been consistent on their recommendations?
Finally Einstein give me the CLINICAL TRUTH that masks work!
Nigel Rigg 5
He wears a mask because having the vaccine doesn't stop you from getting covid and passing it on to those who haven't had the vaccine yet. It's called human compassion.
SmittySmithsonite 4
Then what the hell is the point of getting a vaccine if you still need to wear a mask? This whole situation is starting to scream BS after 13 months ...

I have asthma - I catch every single lung ailment going around EVERY year, except last year. I changed nothing about my routine. I went and visited my 80 year old dad every Sunday as I have for the past 5 years. At some point we have to start living our lives, regardless of what the fear-mongering media is spoon feeding us on a daily basis.
Juan Ordonez 3
No! it is called being a total and complete idiot . . . . MORRON!
Yeeh, wat a compleet.... MORRON!
clarify 1
No, Mr. Ordonez, they're not laughing with you....
Roger Kassebaum 0
Fauci is making millions with drug companies,America is being duped.
Carol Creason -6
Why would anyone waste their time on a closed minded stooge, Steven? Bless your heart
Juan Ordonez -1
That little weasel, Faucci, is a consistent hack, lining his pockets while doing the dirty work for Bill Gates and his husband Manlinda, how many have dropped dead after taking the CCP Vakseen and what will the deadly effects will be down the road, they can take their Devil Juice and shove it Beijing Biden's arsse!
Chuck Lavazzi 1
Well, I have to say this story has spawned exactly the kind of reality-denying, fact-free paranoid idiocy I expected.
The Dunning Kruger pandemic is a far greater threat to humanity...
Steven Bell -6
Maybe some you clueless sheep that will eat a turd on your plate because the government tells you it’s a ribeye. It looks like a turd, it smells like a turd, it feels like a turd, but it must be a ribeye because our government says it’s a ribeye!
Inconsistency and common sense comes into play here. No one has said that the coronavirus is not real. However it has been exploding but all you liberals, a.k.a. communist Democrat.
Someone please give me clinical truth that mask work. Someone explain to me why the king pen gets vaccinated yet he still wears two masks. Someone explain to me why football players in a huddle on the playing field don’t have to wear mask but, the people on the sidelines and the stands are required to.
By the way Fauci can present no, zero, prove that is necessary to wear mask after the vaccine. However there are clinical truths that say your own body after having coronavirus gives you more protection than the vaccine!
This is about aviation correct, however all you dumb sheep that eat the third or the reason why this is also about politics. Oh John Kerry does not have to wear a mask on the airplane.
Finally maybe aviation should keep its nose out of Georgia’s politics for doing the right thing with their voting regulations!
Jouko Rissanen 0
Exactly. We have friends who think they will die with out the mask. I told them either way, they will die.
If we're all going to die anyway, why haven't you jumped in front of a train?
Steven Bell -5
I didn’t wear a mask until September 2, 2020. I started wearing an American flag mask religiously! Exactly 23 days later he showed symptoms of the coronavirus.
Long story short I indeed had contracted the coronavirus the real test, a.k.a. bloodwork, proved it! After that experience that was my proof that masks do not work and I’m still not wearing a mask. My own physicin will not take the vaccine because she says there are unanswered questions. A 28 year established physician is enough for me to turn my head the other way. Furthermore she told me that once you’ve had it you have a better chance of winning the lottery two days in a row then contracting the coronavirus again. So technically, yes you can have coronavirus twice. It’s kind of like the odds of getting struck by lightning twice.
eji74 7
That's because, obviously, masks don't prevent you from getting COVID, and they never should have been promoted as such. Packages of masks I've purchased in the past had that disclaimer on the packaging. Our governor, who allegedly wears a mask all the time, got COVID a few months back. A mask does help in reducing your spittle flying everywhere and possibly infecting another person, and that is why I wear one when I'm around crowds or indoors.

And I absolutely refuse to wear 2 masks. That is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary.
Cindy Savage 3
Your doctor is an idiot, then. Recurrent Covid infections are not rare and there is no evidence for virus induced immunity 6 months after a previous infection.
I know a guy who died in a car crash while wearing a seatbelt.

Seatbelts don't work, so I don't wear them and anyone who does is an idiot.
Rex Bentley -4
ANd there are still the REPRESSED stories about hydroxycloroquine.
Cindy Savage 0
HCQ does not work AND it is contraindicated for use with remdesivir. So, in a nutshell, your hero Trump was NOT given HCQ when he almost died of Covid in October
marc wiese 0
Certain states (like Hawaii) still are going to require Rey specific negative Covid tests 72 hours BEFORE YOU DEPART on your flight there. In writing. And so will other countries. No tickee, no washee. I’m all for all travelers carrying the yellow vaccination cards for admittance to anything as well. Still have mine.
CampGirl 0
The article title is misleading at best. It leads us to believe they are saying vaccinated travel is OK but are saying just the opposite.

First we were told we just need to flatten the curve. Then we are told as soon as there is enough PPE. Then we are told just wait till there is a vaccine. And now the vaccine is not good enough. It is hard not to be a little cynical.

I am feeling like a child whose parent doesn't want me to do something and the parent keeps changing the parameter as soon as we are close to achieving the prior one.
Thomas Agrednerp 0
Feeling like a child....and you sound like an immature little brat too. Grow up and deal with it.

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Canadian's Choice Party? Those bastards!
Nigel Rigg 7
Just because you don't believe something isn't happening doesn't mean it isn't, and name calling those who do says a lot about someone.
Chris Spores 1
Pretty close
More like the CDC, WHO, NIH. Bill Gates, Fauci, Scarf Lady are the ring leaders.
Who knows, maybe they bribed China into starting it there.
At least with my tin foil hat on, that's the message I get.
Chuck Lavazzi 3
I'm sure the Illuminati are involved there somewhere as well. Maybe the shape-changing lizard men. They all have s secret pedophile ring in an abandoned Walmart. Or maybe it's a pizza place. Or maybe on Mars (that's what Alex Jones said a while back, and he wouldn't lie, would he?)
D. W. -3
Not so fast!

Read current, up-to-the-minute (and, credible) news reports about increases in case numbers again, and variants, again.

Don't be a South Dakota-style denier.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Matt LaMay 4
Funny. Most of the comments are from people that have been here longer than you.
George Schultenkamp -5
Question is: Are they concerned about YOUR health or your ability to transmit the virus to others? Prevention of transmission is the whole point of the "vaccination" and it's effectiveness is not yet validated !
Nigel Rigg 9
Prevention of transmission isn't the whole point because as you say that's still unproven. Protection against serious illness is the point of vaccination.
If the CDC suggests you shouldn't fly with your hair on fire, are they concerned about YOUR health or your ability to catch other people's hair on fire?

George Schultenkamp -8
And if I don’t care about getting infected I still get penalised for not wearing a mask. Your argumentation has been therefore destroyed . And if you consider an IFR of ~0.26 (distracting the morbidly aged and other co-morbidities ) then you don’t even have a pandemic !
Chuck Lavazzi 3
That's not actually true, of course. But I doubt that matters to you.
Nobody cares if you get infected, that's not the problem.
Steven Bell -3
And that’s my choice not theirs. If anybody was serious about protecting others with a mass then the mass that have a exhalation valve would not be allowed so take your BS elsewhere!
There are many mask out there that are made to protect the wearer and not the people around them Einstein
Carlisle Landel 2
Just out of curiosity, what data would you need to see that validate the effectiveness of vaccination?
Juan Ordonez -6
Welp! to bad for those who died after taking the VAKSEEEN, they got a one way trip to the other side.
And I suppose those who died after two weeks on a ventilator are on a round trip?
Juan Ordonez -1
Oh! look a special kind of Morron! Go take your Vakseen gemius!


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