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Florida Ring doorbell camera catches deadly plane crash in neighborhood

A small plane crashed into a car traveling on a Florida street Monday before skidding and bursting into flames, killing the two people inside the aircraft and a young boy in an SUV, according to reports. ( Ещё...

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mary susan watkins 0
how tragic for all concerned..most assuredly there will be an invstigation and some
Coalora 1
Lawsuits against whom? You have absolutely no idea what happened.
Paul Miller 6
How really sad that the Pilot & Passenger in the small aircraft plus the little boy in the SUV had to pass away in such a dreadful accident RIP.
linbb 0
Its one of those things unlike car wrecks cause by poor driving that happen every day planes are always a big news deal. Looking at the flight track seems strange as wonder what else there was to choose from instead of streaching the glide out to a stall and uncontroled crash. Had a high time pilot tell me what he did kept flying it till it stopped with no injuries.


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