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Southwest Nears Big Jet Deal in Boost to Smallest Boeing 737 MAX Model

Southwest Airlines Co. is closing in on a large order for Boeing Co.’s 737 Max 7 jetliners after weighing a rival Airbus SE model, according to people familiar with the matter ( Ещё...

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pilotjag 2
Two more great articles...
linbb -1
Its about time they got rid of the Airbus AC as they cause problems with maintaing them due to there current Boeing fleet. A good friend of mine years back was tasked with drafting a report on mixed manufacture AC in a fleet for them. His research resulted in a keep it all one brand.
mbrews 1
The order is about replacing many of SWAs older 737-700 models with comparable MAX 7s. According to the article, the contract would be for MAX 7s with 150 seats. and would be separate from SWAs existing batches of MAX 8s with 175 seats.

Using a figure of 6 seats per row, gives 25 rows for MAX 7 and 29 rows for MAX 8.

Is it really worthwhile to have a mixed fleet that differed by just 4 rows ? Or is it that SWA doesn't want to haul around extra weight on thin routes ? Since they pride themselves on quick turnaround, the fewer rows also make a faster turnaround


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