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Airlines say more travelers opting not to fly, canceling trips as COVID-19 cases surge

United Airlines warned Thursday that bookings have slowed and cancellations have increased as the number of coronavirus infections spikes across the country. Southwest Airlines has also seen more cancellations, and the carrier's CEO said that travel demand will remain weak in the first quarter. The number of people flying in the United States is down about 65% from a year ago, and airlines were hoping that the upcoming holidays would mean an increase in leisure travel. United said however… ( Ещё...

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mary susan watkins 1
from the news reports,yes a lot of people are flying to wherever..some,like college students have holidy breaks due to covid until after the first of the year,so they have to leave..the cdc has said in cases like that for the "kids" to quarantine for a few days away from the family..what a mess..

Anti mask comments by others to include our president just cost us the election; not fraud. Comic character Pogo got it right when he said “we have met the enemy and it is us”.
Anthony Acri -2
Not flying becuase have to wear a mask. It harms you people. But they obey like sheep


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