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American Airlines aiming for 'transparency' when reintroducing Boeing 737 Max aircraft to schedule

American Airlines has responded to earlier reports that the carrier is planning to downplay the branding of its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft before reintroducing the planes to service. Instead, a spokesperson for the airline tells Fox News that the airline is specifically aiming to provide passengers with as much “transparency and visibility” as possible regarding the aircraft. ( Ещё...

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patrick baker 10
by some accounts, about half of prospective 737 max passengers are reluctant to board that aircraft. Very little American airlines or Boeing can do in the short term to alter those perceptions.
Greg S 3
There is no reason to believe those accounts represent a strength of feeling sufficient enough to cause people to change their flying plans. But we'll see soon enough, if passengers won't board 'em then airlines won't fly 'em.
Ron Slater 4
Just make the tickets $10 cheaper than any other airline on the same route and people will fly on it. "Oh look Mom, this is a brand new 737-9, isn't it beautiful"?
William Ableman 3
There are actually four models of MAX -- 7, 8, 9, and 10.
I worked for Boeing building the 737s.
The Next Generation 737s were always referred to as 737-700, 737-800, and 737-900.
The MAXs were always referred to as 737-7, 737-8, 737-9, and 737-10.
These designations were on all the aircraft parts as we assembled them. There isn't any hiding or covering up of what's what.
David Tsai 1
That's what I was thinking when I read an article on ZDNet saying that AA was downplaying the MAX by calling it the 737-8. First, they completely forgot about the other MAX variants. Second, it's not like they're calling the aircraft something that it is not. Is it confusing? Sure. Will passengers who are not aviation geeks feel tricked? Maybe. But is this deceiving? Nah.
Matt Harris 7
Forget about safety, I flew two transcon flights on AA 737-MAX planes (LAX-DCA) prior to the groundings, and commented at the time that "Max" stood for "maximum passenger discomfort." If I can avoid the plane in the future (at least in AA's configuration), I certainly will.
Mooneymite Hight 3
Absolutely hit the nail on the head. Comfort/discomfort of the aircraft will be remembered years after the Max crashes are a distant memory.

The Max should be equipped at least as well as the A-321, or it will suffer in the court of public opinion. AA's interior configuration is a disaster.
jbermo 5
The Max may prove as the most overstudied airplane in recent history when after its new release. Shouldn't that fact alone assuage future travelers?
Julius Thompson 6
I would gladly get on a737MAX 'plane; with all the investi9gations, putting things right and recertifying, it would have to be the safest type of 'plane around!
dulaney glen -1
Bryan Ruhf 2
I want to be one of the supporters! How can I know which of the flights from Miami:LaGuardia will be the 900 Max?
Scott Campbell 5
Just made up accounts below, flown the max several times, every pilot knows to check the device and pull the fuse if it doesn't agree. It's a Cultural problem, just like 5 pilots not having the auto thrusters engaged and flying a perfectly good triple 7 into the ground at SFO
linbb 5
And since AB had computer problems that in the end never were figured out and equipment replaced on there A330 years back nothing really new here. But in the AB they had seasoned pilots that flew the AC until the problem went away with one checking the other flying. The two Boeing ones had pilots who didnt do there job, were overcome with too many problems and not one flying one looking at the book. Also should never have launched the second one without a test flight first with NO PAX. Also it had very low time people up front.

James Willich 3
Everybody seems to forget that Airbus had almost the same problems in the early 2000s and they NEVER EVEN FOUND THE ROOT CAUSE! Boeing get the stinky end of the stick, and not undeservedly, but let's not act like Airbus doesn't have their fair share of problems.
Gordon Musch 1
It is not so much I do not trust the airworthiness of the plane. But I was offended by Boeings attitude towards the manufacture of that plane and how the plane was verified airworthy. It was a 120 million dollar plane with passenegers worth possibly even more. I have trouble trusting anything that Boeing says now. Did they make a deal with the FAA on this also?
Greer Kemp 1
I know it's not the right thing to say, but in any case... this immediately made me think of the new slogan "This is our all new, ready to fly 737 MAX. Perfectly safe... no... really... no it really is..." :D
Myriam Revelard 0
Yes transparency please. I am scared...
D Rotten 0
Transparency IS: "Hello! Welcome to AA. There is a high probability that this flight may CRASH!".


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