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The 400 Seat Passenger Plane With No Customers: The Il-96-400M

Russian aircraft builder Ilyushin is readying a brand new plane for certification. The Il-96-400M is a widebody quadjet with space for up to 400 passengers onboard. Despite delays to the program, the jet is expected to take its first flight next year. The only problem is, nobody wants it. Two years ago, in early 2018, Russian planemaker Ilyushin revealed plans to build a new widebody aircraft based on the Il-96. It would be capable of accommodating some 400 passengers in a single-class… ( Ещё...

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Mike Lynn 6
Russian commercial aircraft have always been behind the curve. Planes like the Tu-134 and Tu-154 were DC-9 and 727 wanna-be's. Both tended to crash a lot. While the Sukoi design bureau turned out great fighters and Ukrainian Antonov turned out marvelous heavy lift planes, the commercial side never did very well.

The Il-96 was a clear knock off of the 767 and originally was a joint venture with Pratt-Whitney to power the plane. But things didn't work out. The -400 is too many years in the past. It's a waste of resources to continue a plane like this with Airbus 340-600 now in the bone yard.
Lanny Word 6
Simple answer, Putin needs a new plane.
paul gilpin 3
rusha makes the best war fighting equipment on the marble.
commerical equipment, not so much.
how's that washing machine coming along?
Robert Hamilton 6
Rusha and marble? They make the best SAM systems on the market hands down! Tanks are debatable. Airplanes it’s not even close as far as tech is concerned. Don’t get me wrong...they make good airplanes but the tech and definitely ergonomics aren’t even in the same ballpark. They are just now figuring out stealth a good 40 years after the US and that’s after stealing the plans to do it!
patrick baker 3
in comparison with 777 and airbus-1000, this sleek, pretty aircraft is a loser. What airline needs the capacity, the diminished range and all the design baggage from being a russian airliner in contrast to boeing or airbus offerings tailored to the market as it is and will be later? i believe that answer is no one nowhere.
Torsten Hoff 9
There could be a market in countries like Iran and North Korea which are under economic embargo and can’t acquire Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Of course that would have economic consequences for Ilyushin, but that may be a price they would be willing to pay if the relations between Russia and the West deteriorate further.
jbermo 1
Perhaps the market for Russian aircraft is aimed at / unique to its Rooskie needs. Russia is a very big country you know.
Torsten Hoff 2
It's a big country, but not a big market. Unless they can find buyers internationally, they won't break even.

The market they want to be in is dominated by just two players who supply most of the rest of the world. In order to produce the Il-96-400M profitably, they need to sell lots of them -- that won't happen. It's going to be another state-funded boat anchor and drag down the finances of Russia.
Robert Hamilton 3
It’s like the cycle of life...they have a market. They make their own plane. They state buys the plane from the state owned plane manufacturer. Plane manufacturer takes state money to pay state employees. It’s kind of like economic incest!
sparkie624 2
I doubt even with that, that they will break even soon
John Rumble 2
Da! Good for transporting prisoner to Gulag

Russia is a wanabe country with 3 states having a higher GDP

1 United States 21,427,690
2 China 14,140,163
3 Japan 5,154,475
4 Germany 3,863,344
5 California 3,137,469
6 India 2,935,570
7 United Kingdom 2,743,586
8 France 2,707,074
9 Italy 1,988,636
10 Texas 1,886,956
11 Brazil 1,847,020
12 New York 1,731,910
13 Canada 1,730,914
14 Russia 1,637,892
Scott Campbell 1
What a joke :) It's needs training wheels during production ? LMAO
Serge Beauchemin 1
John Thacker 0
What a waste of resources. It's doomed and will never fly.
sparkie624 0
I may eventually fly in 10 or 12 years... :) LOL!
sparkie624 1
Just noticed my error... UGH... "It may", Not "I"


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