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European Commission proposes a single European sky for ATC

Today (September 22), the European Commission is proposing an upgrade of the Single European Sky regulatory framework which comes on the heels of the European Green Deal. The objective is to modernise the management of European airspace and to establish more sustainable and efficient flightpaths. This can reduce up to 10% of air transport emissions. ( Ещё...

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Peter Kapolka 1
This SES2+ is the solution, using RNAV
paul gilpin 0
matt jensen -8
Not gonna happen. EU will be broken up by 2030
tomasz dabrowski 2
Tell that to the 2.5 million Brits who now say they voted wrong on Brexit. If there was a new vote the majority would have voted remain/
linbb 0
Heck seems that private ATC system is broken anyway from there problems. And some in the US wanted to make ours the same.
DAL521 0
Private ATC? does this even exist in Europe?
Tom Cox -1
You’d think history would have taught them they don't and won’t cooperate. The only thing a consolation would do is place the power in the hands of whomever is the most powerful...aka, a power grab. Dumb idea, IMHO.


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