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Pakistan International Airlines to ground nearly 150 pilots for 'dubious' licences

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will be grounding nearly 150 out of its 426 pilots, amid an inquiry that they hold “dubious” licences, a company spokesman said. ( Ещё...

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Roger Anderson 26
If this is really the case, PIA should be banned from entering the EU and NA with immediate effect.
linbb 2
You dont think so? Its been reported in other countries for years fake pilots licence even one that had the copilot doing the flying. Nothing new at all third world airlines third world pilots who forget to put gear down when there is a warning its up, leaving the Max they were flying at full power until it hit the ground. Both of them in that one were trying to figure out what the book wanted them to do rather than what they were taught to do, well that is if they ever were, FLY THE PLANE while the other looks for soulutions.

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jhakunti 0
there have beem some enterprising capitalists who have suffered belly up landings in their aircraft in the usa. have you seen aopa air safety institute's "just a short flight"? your blaming this on 3rd world countrymem has no basis as 1st world countrymen are capable and culpable of the same mistakes. and to blame anyone other than Boeing for their degrading quality despite the news of lacking quality across their airline and military products as well as more than a year since the global revocation of max8 certification. it ssems your criticism is quite misplaced.
James Simms 0
They were getting their licenses in boxes of Cracker Jack

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Ray Toews 2
Your only contribution to any conversation is to call everyone a troll. HMMM?
Phill Roddick 14
Unfortunately this is not a surprise. The disappointment is that the Government agencies tasked with managing this either are not capable or support this type of fraud. The Passengers in the back are the ones who really deserve better yet know nothing different because they expect a licence authority and airline are doing their jobs properly. Is PIA ICAO accredited?
Eriva 4
PIA sure is ICAO. Remember, ICAO is a branch of the UN. Meaning.... corrupted
Robert Cowling -7
Fox News much?

The UN was, and is, a great organization that seeks to put all nations on an equal footing, and make sure no one nation is able to control others.

So, who wants the UN, and the EU, to end? The world's worst dictator: Vladimir Putin. Who has Putin helped into office? Donald J. Trump. Who also wants to end the UN and EU? Putin's puppet.

Without the UN, the world would be a totally different place. I remember the pre-UN past. Wars, and constant harassment. The UN isn't perfect, but it seeks the betterment of the world, and so many people don't want that to happen.
Coalora 7
Please go somewhere else with the foaming TDS, or at least make an attempt to keep it aviation related.
Etienne Daniels 3
The UN is not a democratic institution as those who don't give a F ... about the rules and are responsible for most evil are PERMANENT members with a VETO right. So yes in my humble opinion you can call them corrupt. Just an institution created for politicians that dropped out in their own country so they have a place where they can continue to fill their pockets.
Gary Ondrey 3
Well said. I completely agree. The loser politician Country Club, where the taxpayers support all their useless and irrelevant BS.
kyle1234 1
“KeEp iT aViAtIoN rELaTeD!” Unless it’s a political view I agree with.
Gary Ondrey 4
The U.N. is as corrupt an organization as exists on this earth. And may I add, completely useless. ICAO should be separated from the U.N. and run by representatives of 1st world countries with substantial knowledge and interest of Aviation and its consequences in the real world
Robert Cowling -5
I'd bet it takes months, or years, to update your card, and so why bother, or file the paperwork, and let it percolate through. But fakes, I'm sure, are possible. If no one checks, who cares.
Robert Cowling -6
This comment was a little to vague. Given that Pakistan is a 'third world country', it's entirely possible that the process for renewing your pilot license/certificate is a long and laborious process that could take months or a year of more, and possible that pilots are refused for no reason. I can see where it's just not worth the time to face such a process. That the government has been ignoring the many who fly with expired license/certificates is telling. They need to take take that process far more seriously. I hope they do, and soon.
jbermo 6
With such recent history, perhaps PIA's operating certificate should be revoked (or at least be prohibited from flying outside of Pakistan) pending review of their operating fitness.
jhakunti 2
this makes me consider how many us pilots have padded their logbooks to reach 1500. how many logbooks filled with inaccuracies like the aopa air safety institute's "in too deep" pilot.
Smartest move the Airline could do !
William Lucas 4
I thought that all airline pilots had to have a refresher on the simulators for each plane they were required to fly every six months. Obviously these low budget places can't afford the simulators!
Robert Cowling 0
Regulations vary from country to country. They shouldn't.
Robert Cowling 0
I heard that over the radio as I picked up tires I had repaired. Oops... Pilots with expired cards? Wow... No one thought to keep a log of them?

Sure, I'll fly a third world airline. Yeah. No...
richard singelenberg 0
No wonder that for many Pakistani, PIA stands for Perhaps I Arrive ..
JetChaser 0
Tim Duggan 0
It is important to realize that not ALL airlines internationally have the same safety standards as EU/British/USA. (And others). So? When traveling internationally, choose wisely!!
Stuart Hewlett-Clarke -4


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