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Photo: First Delta Airbus A220-300 Spotted In Mobile

The first Airbus A220-300 for Delta Air Lines (DL) has been spotted at the manufacturer's assembly line in Mobile, Alabama. Last year, in January 2019, Delta extended its order book from 75 to 90 Airbus A220 aircraft, consisting of 40 A220-100s and 50 A220-300s. ( Ещё...

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David Blakeman 7
I can't help but think Boeing mishandled the whole A220 affair; the fact it's called an "A220" proves my point.
That's a good looking bird!
Pete Schecter 1
looking forward to B6 deliveries beginning this summer...
djames225 1
I.m still trying to figure out why they painted it then rolled it out minus the nosecone.
djames225 2
Interesting to get downvoted for asking a legit question..have not seen a bird leave paint up here, with its nosecone missing, and wondered why it rolled out down there with it missing.
Michael Lorden -1
Why is a Delta plane carrying a Canadian registration?
Henry Herbert -1
And why have a Canadian Registration on this aircraft (even if just for test flights prior to delivery)?
djames225 7
Airbus reuses registration numbers for flight tests of the birds. Since it is built under the Airbus Canada umbrella, it is possible flight tests may be partially carried out in Mirabel once final interior installs are complete up there. The A220 FAL isn't complete yet in Mobile.
Kevin Keswick 1
According to this website the aircraft was assembled in Mirabel. I don't think any planes have rolled off the Alabama FAL yet >
djames225 2
"Spotted at BFM in full c/s" BFM (KBFM) is Mobile airport..they are assembling alongside the A320 series until the A220 FAL is finished there.
airuphere 0
Thinking that mobile is busy - perhaps this was made in Quebec and painted / fitted in Mobile.. or perhaps it was slated for another company and switched. But it’s painted so why wouldn’t the new reg be on?? Maybe it’s photoshopped.. the reg actually belongs to a Piper PA32.. so who knows lol.
airuphere 2
Spoke to a colleague beside me he thinks... Maybe they are waiting on a bloc of registrations for the new type and had the cdn reg for test flights
djames225 3
When the tests are done, should be registered to Delta N302DU
Iain Robertson 1
C-GPCA was registered to a Piper PA-31 Turbo Navajo, NOT a PA-32 Cherokee Six. The Transport Canada Civil Aircraft Registry is out-of-date, and slow to update.
djames225 3
Transport Canada database has it listed belonging to Airbus Industrie for registration of A220-300 flight worthiness certificate.
I think the other search was from Google, but that PA32 registration got deregistered back in 1974

"GPCA","","","Airbus","BD-500-1A11 A220-300","55070","55070","","CAR Standard 507.02, 507.03 - Type Certificate ","Norme du RAC 507.02, 507.03 - Certificat de type","Aeroplane","Avion","","","","","","","","","N","","2020/01/06", is a partial of the listing

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