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Pilots' union sues American Airlines to stop flights to China amid coronavirus outbreak

APA President Capt. Eric Ferguson is asking his union members to not accept flight assignments to China and is asking those already in the country to leave as soon as possible. ( Ещё...

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airuphere 2
“Korean Air Lines Co Ltd and Singapore Airlines are sending additional crew to fly each plane straight back, avoiding overnight stays.

The South Korean carrier also said it was loading hazmat suits for flight attendants who might need to take care of suspected coronavirus cases in the air.”
airuphere 2
Why not just cancel flights.. must be a huge additional cost to bring em home each night?
racerxx 3
The executives won’t be able to line their pockets
Jayden Hakunti 1
It could contribute to unnecessarily accelerating destabilization.
Cactus732 2
Those examples are not relevant to AAs operation. You can’t deahead a crew on a 12-16hr flight and have them flight right back the same way that Korean or Singapore could with a 3-6hr flight.
Donald Parsons 1
mary susan watkins -2
Although people do "freak out" at the though of any kind of virus or communicable disease being spread,it is better to air on the side of caution, and american should abide by the APA wishes..
sstuff 1


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