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Boeing: Muilenburg’s departure wouldn’t go far enough

A recent call for Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg by my friend Ernie Arvai to resign or be removed has a litany of woes at the company that occurred under the CEO. (leehamnews.com) Ещё...

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G Aldridge 8
More bad news for Boeing via MH370. What else is new?
Coalora 2
Next up: "Coffee spill at BOEING office in Renton, WA results in work slowdown as tens of employees were displaced during cleanup efforts. An internal BOEING source, speaking to us anonymously, confirmed the use of a Rug Doctor. This is the latest in a multitude of growing woes for BOEING. Updates to follow."
ian mcdonell 1
I really fail to see that this is news
siriusloon 2
It's not. It's a column in which a columnist expresses his opinions. No one, least of all the columnist, claimed it's a news item.
jbqwik 1
This article is intending to point-out company policy decisions conceived and carried-out at the highest level. I find it interesting, at the least, and damning at the worst.
Digging into recent Boeing history there are other missteps, too, and altogether maybe a management shake-up is necessary. But, of course, something like that would have it's own risks and consequences.
While I do believe this mess has been a huge wake-up, not only for Boeing but also the FAA and the industry in general, I don't see a potential Muilenburg dismissal accomplishing much.


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