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SCOOP: Eastern Airlines Comes Back With New Logo, JFK Hub, Triple Sevens

The Eastern Air Lines brand seems to be far from gone and forgotten. The iconic and historic airline name will—pending on DOT approval—take off on point-to-point missions to the Caribbean, South America, and even Asia. The carrier is expected to boast a fleet of 55 Boeing 767 and 777s. The airline’s initial routes to South America are presumed to launch during the fourth quarter of 2019, whereas the service to China will open up once the first 777 aircraft arrives in 2020. ( Ещё...

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jeff slack 3
Hideous logo and livery.........
houseofgold 1
david harris 2
wont happen EA is gone why cant they come up with a new name and too big too fast
matt jensen 1
What stupid hedge fund manager spent that money? EAL was a great carrier for decades - but it's gone. It won't be forgotten.
mary susan watkins 1
I wish them the the best..i am old enough to remember the old eastern airlines,who in its time,was classy and well thought of,before all kind of issues and sell offs and restarts as charter,etcetera..the old eastern airlines routes from Miami to south America were taken over (with approval)by American airlines,who pretty much still serves that same market..point to point used to be (again,in "olden times)the way flying was done,then some marketers came up with the "hub and spoke" system, where carriers could have several larger "hubs", and flyers had to make connections..lets just wish the "new " eastern and its corporate heads well in a competitive market,now full of low cost carriers..comparing the picture of a newer eastern logo with the "relic",i guess nostalgia is taking over and i prefer the a little history,just like missing the old continental "proud bird with the golden tail",or the old aa eagle logos!!!
patrick baker -1
eastern airlines was a mainstay of the miami aviation market for decades, with a wide-ranging route system, thousands of south florida employees, dreams of european and asian expansion, hundreds of planes, and other good reasons to exist to do business. This curious revival of a long-forgotten name painted on airplanes for these city-pairs and others to follow lacks all of the above. So what that this company will begin again, even though few folks will recall the name or even care. POint to point with high time used aircraft means breakdowns without replacement aircraft close by, with bad publicity and worse performance.


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