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What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane

Five years ago, the flight vanished into the Indian Ocean. Officials on land know more about why than they dare to say. Squawk poster note (frank1711) I know there have been many articles & posts about MH370 but this Atlantic article covers it all & covers the problems with the Malaysian government. ( More...

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Coalora 29
To summarize the article neatly:

"We think the pilot did it, but we'll probably never be sure."
sparkie624 12
The Guy took off and went Dark... It is proven he had a flight simulator setup with the exact scenario.... In my opinion, it could not have been anything else.
Kobe Hunte 11
I agree. He obviously did a good job of leaving little evidence.
john kilcher 3
Similar to Egypt air, late 1990's
An excellent article.
Leo Cotnoir 6
That article seems to be a fair recounting of what is known and a measured commentary on the Malaysian government. However, much of it is rather speculative. The air defense radar tracks certainly suggest a deliberate departure from the flight plan, once the plane was on a course over the Indian Ocean everything except the satellite data is pure speculation. Clearly someone diverted the flight but intent of that person is just a guess. It is entirely possible, for example, that the plane was hijacked but that everyone on the flight deck perished in an altercation and plane continued on auto pilot until it ran out of fuel. I am very dubious of the claim that satellite Doppler indicated acceleration beyond what would be the result of fuel exhaustion at altitude.
sharon bias 15
This was a well written article which states flat out that the government agencies in Malaysia covered things up and hindered any timely investigation of the incident. There is some indication that the pilot was involved, but because of Malaysian interference, we'll never know of sure.
Ken Bittner 1
Why the downvotes? More "sheep" afraid to face the truth?
a1brainiac 4
Well researched article with the most plausible conclusion.
Superb article.....sort of what was hinted at shortly after....but the dots never connected like this.....
Craig Good 4
I love this article, but it's worth pointing out that this is NOT a consensus opinion. A fire in the batteries known to be in the cargo hold can also explain pretty much everything that happened.

John Yarno 5
Including the flight path?
sparkie624 1
Yeah Right!
Edward Bardes 3
The very fact that the crash site hasn't been found after five years in and of itself is proof that this was pilot suicide.
sparkie624 2
Yeah.... Seeing how he purposely flew about 90 degrees off course with all his reporting equipment blacked out and dark... Not to mention they found a flight sim setup to do just that... No other proof needed.
Roger Curtiss 1
Actually, no. It is proof that the ocean is quite expansive.
Edward Bardes 2
And therefore an ideal place for a suicidal pilot to cover their tracks.
When all else fails always blame it on pilot error, or the pilot, even when there is no substantial proof but the public has to make it simplistic by blaming the human factor.

For me, I think I will wait till it's found, if ever, and let the crash investigators discover what caused the fatal crash.

I'm reminded of an Airbus crash not so many years ago in which all investigators were geared towards the mindset of Pilot error. Finally, have searched for months the plane was discovered....the final report icing in the stall veins due to some ground idiot who had power washed them trying to get overspray paint off. Thank God the plane was discovered with a dead crew / test crew of it would have been written off as pilot error.
sparkie624 14
It was not pilot error... It was Pilot Intentional... He did what he intended to do and practiced doing it... It did so well and without error... He did not want to be found, and he hasn't been....

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Leo Cotnoir 2
Wrong thread
Reed Maxson 1
Wrong crash.
Reed Maxson 1
Sorry. Trying to delete my reply.
sparkie624 1
You Can't!!
william baker 1
Sure you canjust keep reporting it and eventually it will be deleted lol.
Faisal Nahian 3
100% disagree with this “theoretical” report. Until there’s enough evidence to suggest that it was indeed the captain, I’m not buying it.
Leo Cotnoir 2
That the captain was responsible is speculative. However, there is no question that the diversion was deliberate. I am inclined to think that whoever was flying the plane intended to take it somewhere. If their goal was suicide, why take six hours to do it?
andromeda07 3
I agree. All other pilot suicides were deliberate crashes on the normal flight path.
Edward Bardes 1
The pilot would take it out over the ocean to try and cover their tracks.
Edward Bardes 1
You know, the very fact that there's this little evidence even now is evidence in and of itself.
Greg S 1
I have to agree. All scenarios are a priori very unlikely, and there's very little evidence to promote one very unlikely scenario over another. Is pilot suicide-murder really more likely than, e.g. a depressurization problem like Helios Flight 522? I don't think so.
Jeff Phipps 9
Did you bother to read the whole article? We may not know definitively what the cause was but you can't say that all scenarios are equally likely. Accidental depressurization does not explain the flight path or that the communication system was turned off.
Carl Cinardo 1
An extremely interesting and well written article.
Jerkbos 1
Excellent article; very well written. Fascinating!
TWA55 1
What about explosive de-compression? Cause, cockpit windshield, specifically the front windshield directly in front of the pilot. Something I have wondered about since the first day.
patrick baker 1
clues were left strewn about the pilot's house, the simulator in point of fact, and very little points elsewhere, in my mid.
John Wareham 1
Very Intriguing article. Thanks for sharing!
Chuck Chall 0
That was a lot of reading to get the final result of "we still don't know".
cparks 0
CNN surmised that a black hole got the airplane.
sparkie624 -5
It doesn't take much to surprise CNN! If they can't find it, they just make it up as they go to fit their needs.... Take Rachel Madow for example!


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