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NTSB Publishes Prelimary Report of Ketchikan, Alaska DHC-2/DHC-3 Midair Collision

Flying in Alaska, especially in Southeast is difficult and often dangerous. The NTSB is recommending more FAA oversight of the industry and improved safety management systems. The agency has also released a report on the DHC-2 Metlakatla crash that occurred within a week of the first. ( Ещё...

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bbabis 6
On every flight I see planes visually that neither ADS-B nor TCAS display. Over-reliance on these systems to substitute for see and avoid has and will continue to lead to accidents.
jbqwik 3
Thanks for posting this information. Was interesting following and reading the included links.
I live in an area that has historically had many float plane operations (CYQK). In my time there have been a few crashes and sadly a few fatalities.
A lot involve poor flying conditions, some maintenance issues and poor pilot skills. Today, even though there is less traffic, there are fewer incidents. Pilot training is better as well as maintenance.
Always sad to see accidents occur, especially those involving fatalities.
mary susan watkins 0
as stated in the preliinary report,the exact cause of the crash has yet to be determined, and the total investigation will take several months..sympathy to those who lost loved ones,as they may be given statistics,such as type of aircraft,number of passengers deceased and such,but to be certain they would like more information as soon as it becomes available.....


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