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Boeing Scores Zero Orders During April As 737 MAX Crisis Continues

Boeing Commercial Airplanes did not sell a single aircraft during the month of April. The airplane manufacturer is facing the most difficult time in its 103-year history. The first quarter of 2019 has been quite traumatic for the American planemaker, which is trying to mitigate a damaged reputation for the two deadly crashes of its newest narrowbody aircraft type, the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Comparing head-to-head, Boeing claims that this year it has received about 119 fewer orders than in 2018. In… ( Ещё...

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Shenghao Han 6
Jump on the roast train, consider they are lucky since US government won’t let them bankrupt like... oh say McDonnell_Douglas... Does DC-10 ring any bells?

Bottom line: didn’t plan ahead/bad judgement calls leads to rushing development leads to corner cutting leads to crash/failed products... It not only relevant in aviation industry, but also auto, electronics, even online services...
And a word to management: please listen to engineers...
Cansojr 1
Excellent point. They had nothing to fall back in the market after the Paris crash of Turkish Airlines. They tried to roll the dice with the MD11. That died and Boeing came along and took over McD. That left Boeing with the primary keys to the industry until Airbus ruined this private unchallenged competitor until the 320 wrecked Boeing's private oligarchy. BOEING tried to trash Bombardier but the funny thing is that the airlines liked these efficient regionals from Canada and Brazil.
Cansojr 3
This is an utter shame to befall the Boeing Commercial Aircraft Division. None of this pathetic behaviou would have happened when they venturred
Cansojr 3
Sorry about todays squawk my tablet is dying see below. None of this would never have happened if they had told the truth at the beginning.

Cansojr 3
None of this pathetic behavior would have occurred if they played a responsible role instead of trying to hide the serious flaws with these issues. The zero sales is a result of many factors mainly being straight forward with your customers. AIR CANADA had to park about 25 737 MAX 8. The airline still has to pay for the machine that is parked because because these machines rare not generating income at this time however the buyer will look at a class action suit. At least AIR CANADA will get the aircraft from AIR TRANS AT after the sale goes through.
patrick baker 1
with backlogs in the thousands, including 737max's, this little factoid is not so bad as at first glance. It is a blip unless the max goes far worse for far longer. Any orders taken now do not become deliveries for several years.
bizprop 1
Ah yes the daily Boeing bashing squawk.. Let’s continue to kick them while they’re down. I’m more interested on how they intend to correct the mistakes and begin to recover from this. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson and management have finally realized that they’ve “maxed” out the 737 design.Customers have been asking for a replacement for the 737 for years.
btweston 7
As news comes out it will be reported. Sorry if that bothers you.
Jim Myers -6
Couldn't happen to a finer group of incompetent Trumpublicans! I'm sure they thought that having Patrick Shanahan in Trump's cabinet would just make all of this go away. They CONTINUE TO LIE to this day.
bizprop 4
Take your political BS somewhere else. There are plenty of other forums for that crap.
tomwilly970 1
Hey Jim, shut your political trap, I've read your previous posts, you're an idiot and a tnuc, look at that in the mirror!
LethalThreat -6
I’ve been seeing more and more rabid democrats on this site recently. Weird.
jbqwik 2
you'd rather see rabid republicans? Please focus upon the agenda of the forum and spew the political discourse someplace else.
LethalThreat 1
I’d honestly rather see no political posts here as the site is not centered around that, but some morons on here always have to inject their made up conspiracy BS once in a while. They’re probably just grumpy because the Russia stuff backfired miserably and they are grasping at anything they can to continue to slander the President.


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