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Transport Canada to issue an airworthiness directive for Airbus A220 operators

Fuel line problems... Current A220 need to be fixed (www.fliegerfaust.com) Ещё...

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linbb -6
Oh no and its not a Boeing AC wow by the time the 737 deal ends there will still be many sub standard pilots out there just like those who didn't know what to do when things went south. They expected to push some button and all would be well
Mephistopheles 5
I strongly suggest you read this all... that's not what US pilots are saying... https://www.fliegerfaust.com/boeing-news-737-max-2637283926.html
Roch Comeau 5
Yeah, in the old days, pilots were able to pull out a tool box and fix the plane in flight! Bunch of wimps!

Seriously now, what do you expect anyone to do when a system that is not documented to exist, takes control of the plane? It seems on one of them, they followed the published procedure and the procedure failed.
cyberjet 1
Another idiotic comment from the cheap seats. I prefer to listen to the Chair of the NTSB. Your procedures and training need to work for everyone who flies your aircraft. Boeing failed that test badly.


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