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Air Italy Changes Course: Planned 787s To Be Swapped For A330s

Air Italy has shelved its initial plans to equip its long-haul fleet with Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners in favor of streamlining its operations to a potential all-Airbus fleet. The delivery of two more A330s for the Italian carrier is expected to happen within the next 12 months. With this, the airline will establish consistency in the current branding and product that's installed on the five A330s in the carrier's fleet. ( Ещё...

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Jack Johnson 2
Media recently seems to be jumping on the Anti-Boeing propaganda. Sad, but nothing will change. Boeing isn't going anywhere and neither are the orders. Can't wait for the 797!
Cansojr 0
Are we seeing the debacle of the Boeing Commercial Aircraft are witnessing what I said a month ago. We are seeing a lot of sales going to Airbus. This is what I said would happen. This is the slow collapse of Boeing Commercial Aircraft that I predicted the onslaught of cancellations has a tumbleweed effect. More cancellations are ahead. Great advice that is provided here because Boeing should prepare for mega-cancellations. They should have listened to the advice they were receiving. The Board and CEO at Boeing should be promptly fired along with their COO, COB and CEO and many more will be canned.
This airline is in serious trouble.
Jack Johnson 0
"A lot of sales going to Airbus" You're going to have sales regardless of the situation go to Airbus. Have you not counted all the orders for Boeing? 777,737(Including 5,000 for the MAX),747. All the Military contracts, and that's not including it's huge Navy and Missile Defense contracts. What we all did predict is the failure of the A380. You wonder why no U.S. Airline bought one.
Larry Toler 1
I was pretty much thinkinking the same thing. Boeing is not hurting. I doubt we'll see Boeing going the way Lockheed did with their commercial airliners.
It's a shame what's going on with the MAX jets that were being touted as airlines were buying NG's. These airlines prebought the MAX before it's test flight. Budget airlines already had dibs on the MAX8 and MAX9 before it was even built. That should tell us why production was ramped up and sold quickly. That being said, where on this green and blue earth was quality assurance on the factory floor? Shit does roll down hill. I feel for whomever designed the MCAS software.
James Sandiford 2
Boeing aint going anywhere. Its a monster company when compared to Airbus.

Boeing Commercail Aircraft is but one division of five main and fourteen subdivisions of one of the largest corporations in the solar system.

Boeing aint going anywhere.
Torsten Hoff 2
Let's first see if Air Italy will be around to take delivery of any new aircraft.


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